Soundcore Pro battery explosion

I have had a Soundcore pro for about a year when charging using chord connected to computer the battery exploded. It was in my 11 year old daughters bedroom at the time, fortunately no one was hurt, but scary. So far they have not done anything to resolve the issue. I am currently living in China but this product was purchased in America. It also burned the top of a bookshelf that it was sitting on at the time. I think it is some kind of acid burn from the exploded battery because there was no fire though there is a burned electrical smell.

Hope this can be resolved and Anker will stand behind their product. The China based customer service has asked for the product back and after I sent it back no response from them, so I am thinking they just wanted to take the evidence (though I do have dialog and two photos). Maybe someone here can help.


Try contacting @AnkerOfficial maybe they can help you with customer service

Could you publish the fotos here too please.

@jesus4givesins Sorry to hear of your issues, I take it you have reached out to and with the issue you have reported?

I do not see how to post a photo, I looked, must be missing something.

I reached out to the local service center for Anker. I may have to use other sources but already sent out the product for their review. Who knows if I will hear back from them.

When writing a message here you will find a list with icons on top.
On the 7. position you find an icon like a photo.
Click and upload the photos from your device.

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Apparently when the battery inside exploded it sprayed out some battery acid on the table. You can see where we moved the plant. Feel lucky it was not worse just a bad smell, some furniture damage, and a useless paper weight. Could have been a lot worse!

Unfortunately this exploded battery can not be seen.

But if the speaker is under warranty you should NOT open, because you will lose this doing so,

@kumar.sachin is kind of a battery expert, he might have some ideas…

Could it be that you are using china plugs on a US product?

I was using the Computer USB, so that is surely not the issue Techman. Also Chiquinho, I asked if I could open the product to get internal photos before sending out and Anker did not agree. They were probably worried I would cause damage so I had to send it how it was. no idea what they will do or if they will reply.

If you open it, you void the warranty…

Lithium ion battery don’t have battery acid. Electrolyte is mixture of ethylene and propylene carbonate.
But since electrodes and electrolyte is air sensitive it does catch fire when exposed to air (in the event of explosion).

Then maybe that is what happened. Kumar

But without any “insights” these should be assumptions only.

Kumar is sort of a battery expert…

Sort of :sob: ???
Just kidding… These are not assumptions. It is exactly why puncturing a li-ion can catch a fire.

Andrew is a kind of techman! :rofl::rofl::rofl: