Soundcore P2 stopped pairing automatically once taken out of case

Hi, I have soundcore p2 life bluetooth earbuds that I had paired with my Samsung GAlaxy Note 10 Lite. They worked fine for the last few months - i.e. they automatically paired with my phone when I took them out of the charging case and disconnected when I put them back. But they have suddenly stopped doing this last few days. When i take out the earbud it does not connect to my mobile but the while light flashes slowly. I am sure it is not connecting to any other device in my house.

I tried some suggestions - i.e. resetting by pressing the button, forgetting and pairing again but nothing worked. I also tried pairing them with another phone but had the same issue indicating the problem is with earbuds and not my phone.

I will be grateful for any tips/guidance on how to fix this issue.

Many thanks!