Soundcore P2 Life Sound is not clear when using MS Teams on iPhone or Windows 10

Hi there,

I bought a soundcore P2 Life recently and I have noticed that when I am listening to the music or YouTube, the sound is great but when connected to Microsoft Teams the sound is choppy. I am using Microsoft Teams on my iPhone SE 2020. The IOS version is 14.4.2. I have restarted the P2 Life 3 times by following the steps provided in the video below and nothing has changed. Is there a fix for this issue?

Thank you

Better reset instructions

I have done that additional step and no change. Still for Teams meetings it sound choppy.
Actually better to say it is choppy for any internet calls. Even WhatsApp calls are not super clear. But internet calls are slightly better than Teams or Zoom calls.

I put together links to tips in this thread, check them out and reply there if any work