Soundcore now available @BestBuy

Some of Soundcore’s most popular products are finally available to buy on now!

Flare, our 360° speaker with a beat-driven light show, is receiving rave reviews across the web. It was awarded PCMag’s Editors Choice and was listed as one of “The Ten Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers That Bring the Party Everywhere” on

There’s also SoundBuds Life, Walmart’s best-selling Bluetooth neckband earphones.

Neckband earphones are perfect for those of us who are endlessly switching between making calls, listening to music, and removing our earbuds to talk with others. Apart from the ultra-convenient design, SoundBuds Life also boasts a 20-hour playtime, IPX5 water-resistance, and high-fidelity audio.

So head over to and discover the full range of Soundcore speakers and earphones!

You can click each picture to go to its product page:


That’s cool. These products to be seen in stores other than Wal-Mart.


Not sure how I feel about this…

How come your not a fan of this? More exposure and brand recognition is always good.


Seconded and with physical stores it gives another place where non-net purchasers can get quality audio goodies :grin:

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It’s Best Buy. Also already don’t like how their product listings differ from the Amazon ones. Never gonna be less expensive, as well

Yes, it is Best Buy…which is also one of the last remaining brick and mortar, feel and touch electronics stores that are widespread throughout the country with a much wider range of electronics than someplace like Target or Walmart. I personally like the fact that I can go into one (I’d much rather it be Best Buy than Walmart) and buy something without needing a credit card, ordering, then waiting for shipping…online ordering isn’t big on me.


Just received the email “THE BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST OF THE…”

I think it’s cool that Anker products are making into local stores. I like this because if I’m iffy about a particular item I want to buy, I can physically check it out before deciding.


Exactly the reason to have at least some items in a brick and mortar store. :thumbsup:


woot another store to check out the product in person…hopefully it’s not selected stores only like walmart

Better to find the items in the beverage shop, where I get my “Augustiner Dunkles”! :grin:

My thoughts exactly! :joy:

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I like that they are available at both stores, but if I had to choose one it would be BB. We all come out ahead when Anker products are sold in more locations.

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Only in their online store?

Some items may initially be available online only, but as this rolls out more and more stores will get physical products in the stores

Ok, thanks. I’ll check out their store. Need some PC stuff anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

So while I’m not a fan of Best Buy, I was able to see a collection of Anker products in store.


I use to LOVE going there…not so much anymore. But yeah, I read somewhere that they were going to start carrying Anker products. Always great to see Anker products locally.