SoundCore nano - The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Christmas is approaching at an alarming rate.

If like us, you still have a million jobs to do - including last-minute shopping, we think the SoundCore nano is a fantastic gift idea. SoundCore nano is the critically acclaimed speaker with a small body, and big sound.

Thanks Instagram user @yourcasualtech for the amazing photo.

Weighing just 82g (2.9 oz), the stocking-stuffer-sized nano is smaller than a lump of coal - and gets considerably better feedback. A 3W audio driver is designed to pump out music with deceptively powerful sound.

The nano comes in 4 minimalist aluminum-alloy finishes; silver, pink, gray and gold to beautifully complement your sleek smartphones and tablets.

Designed to play inside and out—it’s perfect for audio-heads that want to enhance their music on-the-go, or a just a durable speaker for the kids.

Thanks Instagram user @yourcasualtech for the amazing photo.

The nano is available from just $19.99 on, and is rated an impressive 4.7 out of 5.

Have you already got a nano, or are you considering getting one? We’d love to hear from you!


Currently £11.99 on Amazon UK :slight_smile:

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I don’t have one, but I think it is a nice alternative to the larger Bluetooth speakers. There are times when you aren’t carrying a bag and it would be nice to fit it in your pocket!

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I have one.

I’d say its more where you very size focused like backpacking or it needs to fit in a small pocket. So think backpackers, traveller types who like living out of carry-on only, cyclists etc.

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