Soundcore Nano Runs Out of Batteries while plugged in

So i was using my Soundcore Nano last night and it ran out of battery. I plughed it in, expecting it to work while plughed in, and then it ran out of batteries again - WHILE PLUGGED IN. I let it charge for about a minute or two, then tried again. It lasted a bit longer, but then ran out of battery, again.

I let it charhe for about 10 mins and then it worked for the rest of my show, but I was surprised. Does anyone know of a battery threshold for continuous play while charging? I guess I always assumed that something coukdnt run out of battery while plugged in…

Has anyone seen this on another product?

Just curious what you are using to charge the Nano? If you’re using a computer’s USB port, it may not be enough power to charge the battery and power the unit at the same time.

Power port 5 and Powerline + micro, except the 6ft version. It should provide more than enough juice.

You’re right: it should be enough power. However, now that I re-checked the specs, it looks like the input of the Nano is limited to 2.5 watts (5V 0.5A) which wouldn’t be enough to power a 3 watt speaker (and Bluetooth hardware) by charging input alone. So it will need the battery to have some charge to it as well. Sorry about that!

That makes sense - it certainly explains the powering down while plugged in.