SoundCore Nano Opinions

Would be interested to here anyone’s opinions on this Anker speaker;

Currently use the Premium speaker for home use and it delivers great sound for my needs but could be in the market for a small compact one to use at work when not in range of room speakers.

Missed out on a sample a few months ago and the reviews on Amazon for samples used for a day often give the same repeated ‘it’s great’, superb sound etc etc etc but feedback from constant users would be good. Thanks!

its cute, no? love this easy carrying stuff.

Yes, its looks sweet and would probably fit in the pocket fairly easy. Is it one you have and if so how does it sound?

It’s a good speaker, just very very overpriced.

Personally, I would go with the mini rather than the nano You’re getting better sound and more features in a similarly compact form-factor and an equally sleek design for only a few dollars more.

How?!?!? It’s only $20

First off, it’s actually $26. Something similar goes for around $9.

Yeah, I looked into the Mini but does seem like an easy fit for a pocket. Not after mind blowing audio, just some amplification for when I’m doing small maintenance jobs around the workplace. Might have to keep my eyes open for it on a flash sale.

I personally have the mini-I strongly recommend it!
If you’re looking for some slightly better quality, I would also give these recommendations:
JBL Clip 2 (Fully Waterproof-$60)
Braven 105 ($49)
I would also recommend looking at the YouTube channel SoundGuys. Very in-depth and accurate reviews are done over their, and I find them to be unbiased.

Ok, I’m sorry. It must have gone up since the last time I looked at it. Also, do you have the speaker you sent me the link to? Just wondering.

No, I have a spigen one that I got for free before the october 3rd amazon tos change

I also have a Spigen Tough Armour case for my iPhone 6

I got delivery today of the Soundcore Nano (free from the 7 days competition), it adds to the Soundcore Mini (paid for with money! using one of the daily discount offers), and the Soundcore XL (won in the points competition).

Of these these are my thoughts:

  • the nano is the one which really feels the most compromised on sound output for the sake of size. It is not awful but its only a marginal improvement on a decent phone speaker.

  • the nano has BT and Aux connection options, the BT one is much better, much louder with less distortion, the Aux I couldn’t get loud and if i managed to hack it up loud just sounded bad.

  • the nano is where you really really are size focused, like every ounce matters (backpacking say) and don’t want to use headphones which are lighter than the nano

  • the Mini is the most amazingly good sound for the size, it is “pocketable” and yet a big good sound. More for parties of yourself when you’re moving around bigger spaces.

  • The Soundcore XL is a little better than the Mini, adds waterproofing and can recharge your phone

  • The XL is more where you need the waterproofing / rugged, so more beachparty rougher situations.

Overall, on balance, I’d say the Mini is the most awesome, the nano makes a lot of compromise for size, and the XL is twice the size for waterproofing+rugged.

I like I only paid $20 to have all 3 !

The Nano is mine, the Mini is my wife’s the XL is my daughter’s. I tend to use headphones so the Nano is more where I can’t use headphones. I travel light! It is going into work bag because sometimes someone phones me and I need to put onto speaker phone for others to join in the conversion, its usefully loud for that example problem.


Yep, I think I have already talked myself out of the nano since bagging the Mini and XL on the first ‘giveaway’. The Mini packs quite a punch and is fine in the backpack for work use.

Good breakdown on the three though Nigel, will be useful for others who haven’t tried the XL / Mini / Nano…

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i have the nano paired with my Amazon Dot. Works perfect and sound is pretty good. Volume is controlled via voice through Alexa.

I have the mini in the master bathroom for rocking out in the shower as we get ready for work. I like the sound quality and quick access to volume control on side

So how is that one? (that goes for $9).

Yikes! Is it any better than the speaker built into the dot? I figured you would have something much more premium like a full-sized speaker, not just some little tiny Bluetooth one.

The Nano is freakin awesome, portability, great battery life, and amazing sound and sound level from such a small speaker is always a plus in my book. Only downside is it doesn’t have physical buttons other than the power button on the bottom of the unit which was rather odd at first. I would still get one if I were you I think you will be surprised at its performance.

It’s $20 on Amazon US

i don’t use dot for playing music very much. the speaker in dot in has zero bass, when i do play music, it is through nano which is good enough for what I’m using it for, and i can carry the nano around the house and it stays paired with dot