SoundCore Nano microphone driver doesn't work

I installed SoundCore Nano on my Lenovo Yoga X1 laptop with Windows 10 v1709.
When I want to use Skype call, device doesn’t work properly - microphone doesn’t work at all, and loudspeaker works only when I select “Headphones” device in Skype.
Installation went seamlessly. Fast, no problems, no error messages.
I looked at Device Manager. There are few drivers created under “Audio inputs and outputs”:

  • Headphones (SoundCore nano Stereo)
  • Headset (SoundCore nano Hands-Free)
  • Headset (SoundCore nano Hands-Free)
    In Skype settings, under “Audio Device” under “Speaker”, there are two devices offered to select:
  • Headphones (SoundCore nano Stereo)
  • Headset (SoundCore nano Hands-Free)
    …but, under “Microphone” there is only one device available:
  • Headset (SoundCore nano Hands-Free)
    When I select “Headphones”, then I can hear sound on my SoundCore device, but when I select “Headset” then there is no sound.
    For microphone there is the only possible selection “Headset” but with that microphone on my SoundCore device is not working.
    Can you please help me?
    Alberto, Zagreb, Croatia

What is the volume level like for the microphone under Control Panel > Sound?

100%, and is not muted.

Did I answer your question? Do you have idea how can we solve my issue?
Thank you,

Try updating your laptops bluetooth driver, do not rely on Microsoft driver update for this. Instead go to the manufacturer of the bluetooth card or chip that is in your laptop and download their latest driver and update to that. Then forget the soundcore Nano from bluetooth configuration and repair it. Once connected it should say something like connected voice/music under connected bluetooth devices

Hi Alberto, sorry for the late response. After trying my Nano on both Windows 10 and 7 OS (physical and virtual PC’s) I believe the issue is due to the Skype app itself and/or it’s support for certain BT devices.

All functions and features of the Nano were useable under both windows versions when not using the Skype app but as soon as I tried the Nano with Skype, I got the same as you in regards to mic issues, the loudspeaker worked as expected.

If you try testing the Nano speaker outside of Skype, using media player and the voice recorder app, you will probably find the same results.


Hi ndalby, thank you very much for trying it and for the feedback.
Yes, obviously it is Skype issue, my Nano speaker works well with other apps. Unfortunatelly, I use Skype a lot and the only reason I bought Nano is to use it with Skype.
My colleague has another device (small loudspeaker with mic) and it works well in Windows 10, including Skype app. So, there is also something in the design and drivers of the device…
Anyhow, thank you and now I will try to see with Microsoft if there is anything they can do about it. I doubt there will be a solution…
Kind regards,