SoundCore Nano is a Premium Speaker! But what is it for?

In a recent giveaway, I won the Anker SoundCore Nano, and let me tell you, it is phenomenal in all aspects! I am most impressed with the premium build quality. The materials used are top notch, and it feels good carrying it around. I’m not sure if the strap is necessary, but I guess it adds some more flexibility when your hands are full. This is probably Anker’s most premium speaker, build-wise.

As for sound quality, it is great for a speaker of this size and price. If you’re looking for great sound quality, you really shouldn’t be looking at bluetooth speakers. This tiny speaker is not going to fill up a room of any size, but if you’re looking for a speaker to replace the one that always gets muffled because your hand rests on it when your watching a video on your smartphone, this will suit you well. But, to be honest, this is where mini bluetooth speakers fall short.

I don’t really see a good use for this speaker (or most bluetooth speakers for that matter), other than what I just mentioned. I just have no need for a speaker like that. If I want to listen to music in my room or outdoors, I will not be using this speaker, or any like it. It does not satisfy any of my wants or needs. Even when I try to fit it into my daily life, I just continue to struggle to find a place for it. In general, I tend to recommend you stay away from bluetooth speakers like this. There are so many other speakers out there that would probably better satisfy you. Although, if you’re in the market for one around $20 or so, this is definitely the one to get. I say that with confidence. Please tell me why you think bluetooth speakers exist, and what their target is! Have a nice day!

Bluetooth speakers exist because they are convenient for everyday users to not have to carry cables around and lets face it the sound produced isnt bad at all, unless you are an audiophile.

Out of curiosity what speakers DO you have your seal of approval on for outside use and general music listening indoors?..

I own and use myself or a family member uses:

  • Soundcore Nano
  • Soundcore Sport XL
  • Soundcore Mini

The Nano I use a lot, more so for:

  • I keep it on my body to keep noise near my ears listening to audio such as TV documentaries where the tablet it is connected to is nearby. This is good in kitchens where noises of cooking can mask audio which is not right next to you, and I don’t want to use headphones as that is dangerous in a kitchen.
  • When using with my Nexus 7 which has weak rear facing speakers, such as traveling.

I use my Soundcore Mini for:

  • music, group entertainment

A family member uses the Soundcore Sport XL for group music and lots of base sound like in the shower, with family, beach, etc.

Where the Nano really helps is where you don’t want to use headphones and you want a decent crisp sound nearby off a device

I also have an Oontz Angle, it is water resistant and pairs better with my work laptop which has downward facing speakers than the Soundcore Mini

The way I see it, most bluetooth speakers are just toys.

A toy which:

  • allows you to hear louder sound without cables
  • places a relatively low cost item where you need sound which is not necessarily a safe place to leave a relatively expensive device like a cellphone. Speaker is in region of $20 my cell cost me $400.

Most ears cannot tell the difference.

The Nano being smaller it cannot offer as good sound as larger so there is a tradeoff, agreed, but I find its fine for audio (TV) . I have larger and they are more for music and groups.

The lack of cable is a safety feature as any cable can be snagged. For example:

Here I’d have a tablet / cell some feet away, away from water, heat, etc, and be glancing at the screen, while the speaker is near and pointed at me. I’d not want a bigger louder speaker as then its noisy for others, and I’d not want to use headphones because I’d not hear people nearby as I move around with hot pans and knifes.

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So what speakers are NOT toys might I ask again???.. Im genuinely curious as to what speakers do pass your scrutiny Id like to try them out.