Soundcore Nano 2

With all the love to the Soundcore 2, Soundcore 2 Mini, where is the love to the Soundcore Nano? When is the Nano 2?

I love the Nano, is it just perfect is so many ways it is still loud enough to be better than the phone speaker but very small. I find it perfect for impromptu work calls where I am with another person and we just use the Nano as a speaker phone, better audio than a phone on speaker. So small it is in that most hallowed placed of my work bag.

Can you make a Nano 2 IPX7 please? @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial

Then I can keep it in an external pocket not an internal waterproof pocket, and spill beer over it accidentally. Hic.


It will come. Think about all the others that will likely be getting second gen upgrades…

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Good question!
We have no plan to produce Soundcore Nano 2, but we’re working hard to make more portable audio products this year.:hugging:


Sounds good, will they most likely have water resistance capability building on the way the audio line’s have continued so far?

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I’m definitely enjoying the trend towards water-proof and water-resistance electronics! I’m a little clumsy and tend to spill stuff…


May be we should talk about what kind of features you all are interested to find in a speaker. :wink:

Perfect sound (of course), power bank, a card slot, cinch input, waterproof, dimensions, weight, battery duration, what kind of bt connectivity, …

You should definitely make a soundcore Nano 2, like @nigelhealy said it would be great if it had ipx7 rating, slightly longer battery life, usb c input to charge it, among other things.

You should really do a worldwide poll to see what people want in a speaker, like @fhassm said it would be good to talk about such featuresults as well

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Would be interested to know the sound quality difference between the nano and mini 2. The nano does seem to be very convenient to carry around and use for hands free calls.

I have Mini and Nano. Nano is quieter in total and less bass, but what the Mini does is take any of the bass and boosts it so that actually drowns out the part of speech you want to hear, so they tuned Mini for music. On a typical phone you cannot undo the damage Anker did in their design of boosting bass.

The Nano is also good for when size space matters so travel, backpack, etc.

The new Mini 2 with water resistance makes more application to backpack as you could walk in rain with in an external side pocket

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We will release Soundcore’s new headphone Spirit series (known as the world’s best sweat-proof headphones). This product can be soaked in a variety of water, such as thrown into the washing machine, soaked in coffee, or even soaked in the sea water.:grin:


Now that’s a claim I would love to put to the test

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Looking forward to it!

I can see the Spirit X already
But no mention of it’s IP rating.

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Now I have the Mini 2, you should do a Nano 2, just waterproof it.