Soundcore Motion+

Sadly my DSLR didn’t focus properly while recording. I didn’t want to free hand it during the entire video with my phone. In the future I’ll buy a phone to tripod mount so this issue won’t happen again! I chose to opt out of the app review portion as my review was getting too lengthy.

I’ve added my written review as well.


  • I really like the subtle design at the top where the Soundcore logo seems to be sending out sound waves

  • The information given is simple and straight to the point.

  • Would have liked for Bluetooth 5.0 advertisement.

Sound quality
The treble is quite crispy and clear which I think is the highlight of this speaker. Mids are impressive. Bass on the other hand is good but not the greatest. Comparing it to my TriBit X Boom there’s a clear discrepancy in punchiness. As an overall package though, the soundcore is a better option as the material on the X Boom creates this barrier and kinda muffles the sound. Whereas there’s no barrier with this metal mesh Soundcore got it going for them.

Build quality

  • It has a soft silky exterior.

  • Weighs 2.5 lb

  • Buttons are clicky.

  • Flap is heavy duty while still being easy to access for charging.

  • Would have liked material from Motion B as it picks up less finger prints

Has bluetooth 5.0 so can go up to 100 feet. In my testing it has gone up to 70 feet with no interruptions. Probably can go further but that was the max of my range.

In the past Anker’s speakers never impressed me sound wise. The story of previous Anker speakers has been subpar sound quality, great build quality and a phenomenal price. With each iteration of speakers, Anker has constantly shown that they can keep raising their own personal bar.

The Motion+ is one of their most expensive speakers they offer and it’s clear why. With sound quality that rivals other name brands but backed with an even better customer support, the Motion+ is a solid and safe buy.


Great review thanks for sharing.:slightly_smiling_face:


Nice review thanks for sharing it with us. What didnt you like specifically about ankers past speakers?

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Great review thanks so much for sharing

good review.
Hope I will finish mine asap.

Good job.

Still bitter, I didn’t get to test one! lol :sob::sob::sob:

Good review @Kevin_Luc :+1:

@Chiquinho Looking forward to the review…still waiting on mine…

I am on it.
Made some photos first.

Great review! :ok_hand: good job!

Wrote one in German and send it to
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Did you get a chance to try having two audio inputs via bluetooth?

Great review! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Nice review! thanks for sharing!

Like your not aways bitter about some event…

Sarcasm is hard to convey over the internet so I will just tell you that I was kidding now in case you take offense

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Very Detailed review,Thanks For share!

No this is not possible with LINUX.
As I have only ONE of each. I can not pair these speakers for stereo mode.

I’ve learned that the hard way :confused:.

Good review nonetheless!

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Oh I don’t know, I think I do a fairly good job of internet sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If that was sarcastic yes good job