Soundcore Motion+ Switching Off At 20%

Hi. Bought a new Soundcore Motion+ few days back. Last night, it automatically switch off. When I check the battery percentage on my device, it says 20% but on the Soundcore app, empty or something like that (it’s hard to say because all we have in the app is that battery bar). I just wanted to know if this is normal or what? Any of you guys experienced it? And also the 1st time it happened, I’ve tried to turn on my speaker again and it did turn on (that’s the time i saw the 20% on my device). But then after like a minute, it switch off again. Thanks in advance to those who will answer.


Who knows that these 20% are really correct. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Of course it will switch off at low battery.
But I havent checked the battery status.

Weird that your speaker is turning off at 20% percent

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Yeah. I thought it was only at first. But I changed it fully then monitored it. The same happened the 2nd time around. How about yours? It really went up to 0% before the speaker went dead?

I haven’t used this speaker specifically, but I’ve found the battery gauge on Bluetooth devices in general are just a rough estimate. Some device only update at 25%, 50%, and 100%, others only ever show 33%, 66% and 100%, etc. It could be that the battery gauge for this speaker in the app doesn’t update between 20% and 0%.

Does battery life otherwise seem normal? Around 10-12 hours of playback time?

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That’s mine does. Ryan.
And so I dont take care of any battery display at all.
If it needs charging I do.
The rest is “science”, no one will understand and is able to explain! :joy:

No Sir, it wasn’t on the app that I’m seeing. It was on my mobile phone that does that. The 2nd time I fully charged my Motion+, the lowest I’ve seen on the battery gauge on my phone is 10% then it died. The battery life is great. I’ve set the volume at 90% on the app and I’m adjusting only on my phone (Poweramp). It roughly reaches 14-15 hours at 50-60% volume on my phone and 90% on the app. Thanks you for your reply.

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Thats more than perfect!
Those 15 hrs are more than great!

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Unfortunately I don’t have the same speaker. How long ago did you buy it? Maybe look into getting it exchanged

Just a few days last week. Charged it fully for the 1st time but still went dead at 20%. I have already returned it. Some say here that those battery gauge are not accurate in showing percentage.

Sucks you had a bad experience

I have the same issue . At 20% battery shown from inside the soundcore app, the device turns off automatically after few seconds. I thought it was a feature. After writing to support it was suggested to change the speaker. Thankfully it is still under 18months warranty. But we should not trust the battery level shown by android

Hi Guys
I have the same issue. Im using the speaker for about one year now but recently i discover this issue with battery and shutting off having 20% battery left…
Otherwise the speaker plays music for at least 10h - I have never measured it exactly. Today I’ve update firmware to 45.49 but nothing change…