Soundcore Motion + Stereo Pairing with aux input


I own a Motion + (connected to pc using aux in) and like it alot. Sadly the sound is very “directional”. So I am thinking about getting another one and use the stereo pairing feature. So far I only found infos and reviews when using stereo pairing with bluetooth audio source.

So my question: Does stereo pairing also work using the aux input of one of the speakers so both speakers play the signal from aux input?

Cheers from Germany!


Servus Armin,
I have such a motion+
But only one, I use via bt. :wink:

I am sure 2 of these will pair in stereo-mode via bt, so far. :grinning:

But with the cable?
This is really a question for those who got two motion +.
They can test very quickly.

The question is :
If you connect the first speaker via cable
is it possible to pair the second one via bt in stereo mode.

Best would be to ask the service!

Beste Grüße aus München


PS: But there is an aux-splitter available I remember that will do this.
Take a look at

Tried similar with the Model Zero speakers however when aux is connected is overrides the BT stereo pairing, with audio only coming from the physically connected speaker.

It’s possible the Motion+ may have improved on this but you might be best reaching out to to confirm…

If the use of aux is a “must” for him he should really try such an Aux stereo splitter,
But is there anybody who tried that out? :rofl:
It was recommended here recently1

Had the exact same question, unfortunately I’m still waiting on delivery of the speakers so haven’t tested it yet but the splitter cable arrived.

If you got the speakers let us know if you could manage the stereo pairing.

Yes this works very good.
I have the following setup myself:

Botch speakers paired as stereo.
On the ‘main’ speaker i have chromecast audio via 3.5mm cable.
Stereo pairing mode stays intact!

See also: Soundcore Motion+ wired stereo

Yes, it works well with aux to primary and secondary speaker intact, playing from aux source from my phone.

I have tried other aux source, Popsical Remix (Karaoke player) though it works but significant delayed (obvious thru microphone), so it is not usable at all in this setup. Not too sure why the delayed.