Soundcore Motion + Review

this is a fantastic speaker!! Overall the speaker has a decent sound profile. The mids are very clear and treble is also nice. . I’d say the bass is adequate given it is a medium-small sized Bluetooth speaker and especially for a waterproof speaker. I actually took this speaker on yacht week in croatia and we used it on the yacht for about a week pretty much non stop. the item charges fast… holds a charge… and most importantly is pretty water resistant. i am not sure as to how waterproof the item is but i can say that it survived a week on a boat. everyone i was with can pretty much agree this was a reliable speaker, good sound, good quality, durable and is reliable brand. i cant honestly think of any huge negatives. I also have the UE megaboom and they are pretty comparable. Overall great speaker, and would recommend this to anyone. you wont be dissapointed!


Any chance we can get some photos? Other than that it’s a pretty good review :+1:

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Nice short review


A good, short and to the point review, I like it. Thanks for sharing.

Pictures please. We like pictures here, the more the happier we are. :slight_smile:


Nice review but as others have requested we love to see pictures of the products.

Seems like it’s a great speaker. I’m glad you liked yours

absolutely… i will post some pictures tomorrow!!

I also have UE Megaboom and the motion +, the latter bought for 70 euro when there was a sale.
I have to say the Motion + easily beats the UE Megaboom, especially at top volume, where the Motion + still hits the bass hard, whereas UE’s bass diminishes.
That being said, the Megaboom has better battery life. It also has the remote power on/off, which is extremely handy.

Glad you liked the montion+