Soundcore Motion+ Review

First of all a big thanks to Anker for allowing me to test this fantastic speaker.

I have bough and tested many Anker speakers over the years and I am a big fan.

First of all lets begin with the the speaker itself. It comes in a nice looking box with the details and picture of the speaker. This allows you to see what you will be getting as well as the specs. Once you open the box and take out the speaker you can feel how heavy and sturdy it. This is always a good sign as it shows a good build quality. It is the biggest speaker I have from Anker not sure if it is their biggest one but it might just be. It looks great and you can see through the grill: I particularly like the soundcore d in the middle. Overall it is very aesthetically pleasing.

Moving on setting it up and using the speaker is simple. Turn on and connect and boom you are good to go. I like that it has the bass option. I love bass so for me to have a speaker with an added bass option is always a massive plus. I gave used it around the house and in the park whilst playing some football and it does pack a punch. Very loud and it does fill a room and sound does travel well outside.
Sound quality is also very good and clear. Crisp sound deep bass and I like how loud it gets.

In regards to ideal users I would say this speaker is for everyone and any occasion. If you are having a party at home this will fill the room and give you what you need. Workout in the park this will keep you going. Honestly I think it can be used for so many things and it up to you how you want to use and I am confident it will not disappoint.

Moving on to competitiveness in the market. I would have to say this is the best Anker speaker I have used. It is probably the most expensive Anker speaker I have if I bought it, but it is a lot cheaper than the Bose and Sony speakers and it does well in regards to competing with them. Also when it comes to other brands like Aukey etc Anker will always be #1.

Overall I really do like this speaker. I like how it looks and that it is waterproof. The bass is fantastic and overall sound quality is great. It looks great.


Nice review!


Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing!!

Good review.

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Great review! Looking forward to seeing pics and video.

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Good review!

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Thanks you!

Thanks you!

thanks for sharing. Needs pictures :framed_picture:

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