Soundcore Motion Q - Wireless Stereo Pairing Review

Hey there Anker community,

Posting to quick review the tiny and powerful Motion Q 360° Dual 8W and IPX7(Waterproof) Speaker
I had the luck to win the Power Draw for this cutie and decided to purchase another one to test the wireless stereo link feature.

Cool things:

  • Powerful enough itself, however when connected together in stereo mode they are very strong loud and all without losing any audio quality.
  • Super portable, attach to anything, hang on the shower or just throw on your backpack and you’re good to go.
  • Battery life is very good considering it’s size and recharges fast enough, no complaints.

Could be better things:

  • The preset sounds when searching for bluetooth for example are not super necessary in my opinion, the on and off sounds are cool but there’s no option to reduce the volume of those tunes, could be a little annoying in some situations. (the only thing I found that could be a con I guess haha).
  • Price $45.99 is a bit high comparing to other speakers on the same category I believe, specially when buying the pair to use in stereo mode, that adds to $100, maybe a bundle with 2x for a better price would look more attractive.

Overall I really like it, it’s my new everywhere to go speaker, I hope you guys enjoy, let me know if any questions come up.

Here’s some pics of the cuties.

Good weekend y’all!!


Great review!

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Love the pics!

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Great review and pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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Excellent review and pictures @Pedro_Kwiecinski :thumbsup:

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Cool review and pics, and as far as it’s waterproofness I can attest that it works as stated as I threw mine in my pool and swam around with it blasting tunes one hot summer day. So fear not if it gets wet it will still rock on

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Nice review. However amazon does usually have a deal for 2 of these speakers.

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Excellent review and the pics. I like the speaker too.

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Awe. They are really cute! I have the Soundcore Mini 2, which sounds great! So I bet these are just as good if not better. I’d love to eventually get another to take advantage of the stereo functionality.

Does anyone know if you can mix and match two different Soundcore speakers and still get them to play in stereo?

@TheCharneco I have not been able to get two different speakers to pair together. I have the mini 2, motion Q, flare, model zero and so far they have only been able to pair to the same kind

Bummer. I mean, I get it, but still a bummer. We have an Echo Spot and Echo Dot (3rd Gen) in the bedroom. One on each night stand. When I play music on the bedroom audio group, you can really hear the difference and it makes the Spot sound pretty bad. So it’s probably to keep the audio quality as high as possible for each kind of speaker.

Great job with the review and pics. :slight_smile:

Excellent review! Way to include the sped-up video of the unboxing. I get impatient with a billion unboxing pics in review. Also thanks for the pictures to scale - that’s a bit smaller than I thought.

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Good made.
What I am missing : The sound.
Did you compare the sound of that small speaker to other speakers you own?

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Good idea :smile: I will update soon with comparison :wink:

I love the pictures you put in this they all look great! Good review too

Thankls for the review!

I’m working on a comparison between the Motion Q and the DOSS Soundbox Pro (discontinued), similar aspects and both have the feature wireless stereo pairing.

So while I work on that I’ll leave some more pics of the Motion Q, it’s way too cute to not be posted :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job! I love the gif you made! :laughing:


Thanks just for your review

I gotta ask though, how did you get this cut in the speaker