Soundcore Motion Q Review/Impressions

At first, I thought the size of the Anker Soundcore Motion Q was going to be too big since I was coming from the Anker Soundcore mini but I don’t seem to mind the size when packing it with me. I loved the 360 degree sound it offers and the sound for the size is worth it to me. It does come with a wrist strap but I wish it was adjustable. I was a bit disappointed with the material as it felt almost like a spare shoelace/material Anker had lying around. I find myself not even using the wrist strap because of the quality. I wish the strap had an adjustable end cap that said Anker/soundcore to make the brand more apparent and to make wrist strap feel more premium. It would create a more well rounded message of Anker’s quality.

At the bottom of the speaker, you will find a thick rubber waterproof port cover for a 3.5mm Jack and a micro USB for charging. I wish Anker would have started to move to USB type C with this rebranded line. But there had to be sacrifices for the sound quality.

I have come to love the clickyness of the buttons up top. The buttons do need a little learning though. As with the usual, press and hold the volume up or down to skip to the next track or go back to the previous track is not the case with the Motion Q. I had to pull out the user manual to find out that the play button will be used for the majority of your actions.

Pressing the play button twice will skip to the next track and pressing it three times will go to the previous track. Play/pause, answering/ending, putting a current call on hold to answer an incoming call/transfer a call between the speaker and your phone is all one click on the play button.

I love that this speaker has the ability to pair two together to get the optimal stereo sound for a party. I also don’t have to worry about it at all if I bring it to the beach or if I’m sitting poolside. I did a quick water test with an almost full cup of water. The fabric casing is damp at first but will dry quickly after a quick dab with a towel or napkins. My new go to speaker is going to be the Soundcore Motion Q.

Quick water test: Quick Water Test Anker Soundcore Motion Q - YouTube


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Nice reviews, thanks for sharing. As for the video, you can always upload it to YouTube and post it here

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It’s our first attempt, if more people have the same feeling as you, I think we will remove it!:sweat_smile:
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I don’t think she wants you to remove it. Instead, she wishes it used higher quality materials and was adjustable. :slight_smile:

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I’d personally like to see the cloth aspect of the speaker removed. It absorbs and holds onto water (blocking the audio) and can take a bit of time to dry out when it gets wet/saturated. It’s also prone to picking up all sorts of outdoor matter (dirt, dust, burrs, etc). It’s also prone to snagging on things, messing up it’s appearance. While it’s fine indoors (which is my personal use of it), outdoors over the long run (for those who use it that way) may prove to be a different matter.

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Great extensive review and thank you for sharing the pictures of comparing the sizes. A lot of the times, it is hard to know how big something is in the photo by itself.

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A more useful video would be that thing blasting music under the shower head :slight_smile:

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