Soundcore Motion Plus pairing more devices

How Can I pair more than One device ? And Can I switch from One device to another One ?
I cani find ii in the instructions

You can do this via two methods.

  1. Press the Bluetooth button to put it into pairing mode then connect to the next device. This best suits when the speaker is nearer to you than the 1st device.

Press the Bluetooth button, not press and hold as then it enters a TWS more related to owning two speakers.

  1. You can disconnect of the first device and then connect on the 2nd device. This best suits when the 1st device is nearer than the speaker.

Note that the Motion+ can have a habit of trying to be connected to two devices at once and then behaves effectively randomly depending on the devices, particularly if you pair to different platforms like a PC and a phone.

This speaker is supported in the Soundcore app get from your mobile app store. That lets you tweak settings more than the buttons on the speaker, and do software updates.

It’s not a multipoint speaker device so not intended to be shared, all the issues come from people who don’t understand this.

Also it’s better if you go the Soundcore specific community for any further help.