Soundcore motion plus. continuous click

Order ID:3006055959170701
Order Time : 2020-09-29 10:08

My device is soundcore motion +… I bought the product from / anker store… I received the product from cargo today. But there is a constant noise and crackling sound. Whatever I did I couldn’t fix it.

There is a continuous rhythmic snap while the device is on. Bluetooth connection is also difficult sometimes. The sound is also not satisfactory. This rhythmic click sounds when the device is on. It also happens when the music is playing. Whatever I did I couldn’t fix it… I moved away from all electrical devices, reset the Bluetooth. Soundcore app installed and up to date …
If you want, I can take a video and send it …I wanted to contact you before posting a comment and creating an Open dispute.
I have been waiting for the product with excitement for a long time…
I was very disappointed and depressed, very sad …I am an aliexpress customer for many years and have had many purchases, please do not make me aggrieve…

Tell us more about the source!
Windows? 10?
If so delete default bt driver from MS and install the one which is given by the bt card manufacturer.