Soundcore Motion+ pairing not completed

Hello. I have a pairing problem with my Soundcore Motion+ and a turntable TEAC TN-280BT
The turntable as a lot of difficulties to find the motion+ and, more strange, when it is found, the pairing seems to be complete, sound is working but the blue light of the motion+ still blinking !

So, the next time I start both, the pairing is not working any more and I must restart all the procedure from the beginning.

Any ideas ?

Do you know what kind of bt card this turntable uses?
And is there a possibility to install the newest driver of this card?

Sounds to me you’re pressing the bluetooth button too long.

The Motion+ enters pairing mode with one brief tap. Most other speakers enter pairing mode with a long press of the bluetooth button, so some people are putting the Motion+ into TWS pairing mode (two Motion+) when they should only be putting into pairing mode.

Turn everything off. Then try turning Motion+ on, if it doesn’t connect then just press the bluetooth button briefly, a small press, then try connecting from the TEAC…

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Hello. At the beginning, we had done this error but, after reading the documentation, we just push briefly the Bluetooth button and the light is blue (white in TWS mode)…but thank you anymore.

Hi, sorry the idea was already tried. You may have also done this below already, if not…

Try resetting everything. Delete pairing.

Motion+ reset


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Hello. No this information is not provided by TEAC and there is no possibilties to upgrade the firware (no usb port, no phone app etc)

Already tried but same result…

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Hmmm. Love a puzzle.

So it does actually work as a speaker, sound comes out, all works.
But. It has a flashing blue light.
When you stop then later you have to restart everything.

Thinks. Is there anything else related going on? Are you pairing the Motion+ with anything else? Are you pairing the TEAC with anything else?

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No nothing else. We also try to reset the pairing list of the teac but same problem.
For information, I have found that TEAC bluethoot uses SBC codec…


If you’ve never paired the Motion+ with anything else, then you never upgraded it’s firmware…

Delete TEAC pairing, turn it off.

Reset the Motion+

Then connect the Motion+ to a mobile OS device, Android, iPhone. Install Soundcore App from your Google Play Store / Apple app. Then connect to the Motion+. Then check for firmware upgrades. If there is an upgrade then go back to the ideas above.

Trying to help but realising I’m not yet.

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OK, so you try all other hints you have been told.
Good luck!

Unfortunatly, app indicates the motion+ firmware is up to date

So if you did pair with phone and it said upgraded, the Motion+ may still be connecting the phone at the same time as the TEAC. You sure the phone pairing is not also active? The Motion+ has an issue with it connects to 2 devices it or the devices remembers to connect and they fight each other the next time. A full reset doesn’t fix that, you have to reset, delete ALL pairings, turn ALL bluetooth off apart from what you need, then it eventually works.

I’m tapped out. Referring to hopefully wiser folks:

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Email sent. Thank you for your help :slight_smile: