Soundcore Motion+ Issues with Stereo Pair

I purchased two of these speakers for stereo listening and have found a major bug in using two speakers. Whenever I have both paired they drop the connection every track I listen to at least once per track. The drop out is short but very annoying to say the least. If this is not resolved soon I will be returning my pair for a return. Seems like this would have never made it out of the companies testing stage if it was tested properly. I could tell this was an issue within a few minutes of use. COME ON ANKER. You can do better.


Maybe @AnkerSupport can forward this to the proper team?

@gAnkster do you experience this with your speakers?

I don’t, but I’m using Icons most of the time and spent about a week with flare minis. I have not tried the Motion +.

In my experience, the stereo pairing is mostly reliable. Sometimes I have to reboot the speakers if they get too far from one another (30+ ft) but usually they pair with each other first then to the device.

@Erik_Johnson7 Are both speakers on the latest and same firmware’s?

Yes they are running 33.35 I believe. I have heard of others now with the same problem so guess I am not alone. Looks like I will need to return these and get another pair to see if this fixes the problem. This happens even at just a few feet apart and many times during a song. Very frustrating as these do sound really nice when not dropping audio.

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I did some more testing last night and have come to find out that my stereo pair will not go more than 14FT apart.

Can someone with a stereo pair check to see if they can place them more than 14FT apart? Seems that we should be getting a lot more distance from what I know about Bluetooth 5 spec.

I have the same problem. But not only this one.
With the custom equalizer you can only adjust one of those 2 speakers , the other one stays in deafault eq mode.
I think the problems depend on your location. In germany the problems are still there, while i heard that in the usa , the problems dont appear.
Support says, it could last a long time to get the EQ bug fixed. So i think i will sell my speakers on ebay and buy from another brand… sad because the soundquality of motion+ with EQ is insane

I purchased a second Motion+ to put it in stereo mode. They connect fine. But the secondary speaker periodically drops out. It does sound quite excellent, but obviously the cut outs are unbearable. I can’t believe this is a problem with all of the speakers, must be defect in one or both of mine. But how to diagnose? I’ve updated firmware in both. What a frustrating problem; I will try and find out frm tech support how common this problem is and whether it can be resolved.


I didn’t get any further information from Tech Support about how common this problem is, but after some experimenting the drop-outs seem to have disappeared.
I cleared all linked devices from my transmitter, and cleared stereo pairing in the two Motion+ speakers (hold down bluetooth button for 4+ seconds just like you do the stereo pairing.)
Then I setup my previously secondary speaker as the primary (paired to transmitter.)
The stereo pair functioned correctly (altho I did see one brief interruption.)
OK, this may suggest one of the speakers is deficient. But then I went back to the
original configuration (the original speaker set to primary.) The setup now seems to be working reliably, no drop-outs. Have used about 4 hours total without problem.

What is going on here? The physical positioning of the speakers is unchanged. Did clearing the transmitter of all links and then re-establishing connection “fix” problem?
Still unsettling, but I have a couple weeks to test before return deadline passes.

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One last note from saga: The pair is working reliably from a second bluetooth source that had cut-out problems before. Likely the step that fixed it was to reverse the primary & secondary speakers (and later set back to original configuration.) Somehow that improved communication between two. Odd.

Hi, I’m having the same problem you had, I had to return my set to purchase a new set and exactly the same issues.

Could you break down exactly what you did to fix the issue? As I didn’t quite understand it from reading your troubleshooting.

Hopefully it’ll help my set up too.


  1. clear the bluetooth transmitter of its remembered connections. If you are using a phone or tablet you forget the connections in the settings. On a transmitter device you typically hold the bluetooth button down for > 5 seconds
  2. Pair one of your speakers to the transmitter. You hold bluetooth button down for a second to enter pairing mode, indicated by flashing blue light. This is the “primary speaker”
  3. Turn on your second speaker. Hold the bluetooth button down for 3 seconds and white light flashes indicating it wants to stereo pair with another speaker. Do the same with primary speaker. The two will pair.

If you experience drop out problems, you simply go through the above procedure again, only use a different speaker as the primary. Probably it will work without dropouts. You can then do the procedure one more time, resetting the original primary speaker to be primary again. You may find that this too is working reliably.

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Thanks man, much appreciated.

This seems to have improved performance massively. I listened for a couple hours without any dropouts before experiencing 1 or 2 minor drop outs, but no way near as regular as before.

I’ll keep testing them out day by day, hopefully this will do a trick. Don’t want to have to return speakers that sound as good as they do, but also need them to perform the way they should be!

Nice one.

Can someone on this thread answer the following questions for me:

-From what I understand, to stereo pair you hold down the pair buttons on each speaker for about 3 seconds or so. If I do this, one speaker will have a blue light and one will have a white light. First, just to be sure, am I correct that this is stereo pairing? Second, how do I know which speaker is the right and which is the left?

-How do I play music from both speakers in non-stereo mode? i.e. same music coming from both speakers opposed to them acting as a right and left

I suppose if the speakers are paired in stereo mode the will play stereo mode only when using both.
May be you can alter this in the bt - source.
I can do this with LINUX.

You can check the left and right channel in the bt-source
I dont know what bt-source you’re using.


May be you find something like this:
You see the “balance” with this feature you can check the left/right channel.


How is working so far?
I’ve tried a couple of times your suggestion but still, one of the speaker (not necessarily always the same) stop for a second and then restart playing sound. Did someone else still experience the same issue?

Another question please: which would be the right procedure to both pair the two soundcore to a laptop and concurrently with the mobile app to manage it? And when connected to the app, how to you split information of the two devices like battery and firmware information?

Thanks in advance to whoever will be able to answer.

Have a good day.

I paired two flares in stereo mode with a laptop.
Not using the app. (got no such app :rofl:)
First paired the master and the slave via the buttons by bt.
Then I paired the master with the laptop that was all.

Though the use here was of utmost relevance to technology and technical aspect, Most institutes and agencies are ending use of technology terms such as ‘master’ and ‘slave’ over racist associations… May be Primary & Secondary would be a proper use for Stereo pairs :innocent:

Sorry, didn’t see that under such an aspect.
We computer scientists used these terms always when talking about such technical stuff.