Soundcore motion + hissing noise


Just got my soundcore motion + today and upon powering it on I immediately noticed a hissing noise. I have updated it to the latest firmware. The noise still persists. Is this a normal thing or is because of defective hardware? I’ve tried moving it to multiple locations so I don’t think it’s because of interference. It also happens when Bluetooth is off and not connected to any device and also happens when connected with a 3.5mm connection.

I haven’t tested the Motion+ specifically, but I do notice a background hiss on many Bluetooth speakers when they are on but not actively playing. So I believe some hiss is normal. In most cases, I don’t hear it once music starts playing.

At any rate, Anker will want you to be totally happy with your purchase, so feel free to reach out to if the hiss is too bothersome.


A little bit of hissing is quite normal.
But it should not be much notable.
All bt speakers got this, so it is not a defect.