SoundCore Motion+ disconnects constantly

Okay so I got the speaker a couple of weeks ago and generally I am very happy with the product.

But I have this issue that’s happened a few times now and specially today I can’t get it to work at all.

My setup:

  • Speaker is plugged by USB so it’s 100% battery
  • Auto shutdown feature is off via app
  • The only BT device in my home is my phone, which I am using to connect to the speaker and play music through Spotify
  • The firmware is up to date
  • I have not done anything strange to the speaker. No drops, no testing the water resistance by throwing it off board, nothing
  • I use Android 10, the app is installed, yadda yadda
  • The phone is also at 80%+ battery
  • This happens when I use a different Android phone, too

Well the speaker works great sometimes and other times, like right now, decides to randomly disconnect from my phone. I am able to reconnect and keep going but it will fail again after 30 seconds or so. Sometimes I will NOT be able to reconnect at all so I get off my couch, reboot the speaker, connect again… Only for it to fail 30 seconds later anyway.

I have used cheap 20€ speakers and never had any issues like these. I don’t know what to do about this but man this is a big waste of time for me and I might just return it.

Have you tried a clean pairing with your phone to eliminate a possible corrupt BT profile?

You could also tried reaching out to with the behaviour you are receiving to see if they are aware of any compatibility issues with your model of phone.

Hope you can get this fixed since it can be quite annoying

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Thanks. Clearing and repairing did seem to fix the speaker being completely unusable. However, it still disconnects at least once a day. Like, it shuts down even if the auto shutdown is off and it is plugged to the wall.

I can only return it til the 8th so I might go ahead and do that, see if a new one acts the same or not.

Does seem like a weird behaviour, never had similar on mine to date. Only other thing I can think of is perhaps lack of BT connection to the speaker for a period of time (which I can’t recall if this overrides the auto shutdown feature).

As you are running the latest firmware and normal troubleshooting I would suggest a return for replacement within your returns window.

I have Motion+ it disconnects periodically and turns itself off sometimes.

There is no permanent fix, but I find if I do a full reset and pair with one device it seems less unreliable.

I also find keeping it connected to power via a long USBC cable seems to help?

I don’t think a replacement would be that much better, it’s likely an issue with the design. It is a 2 year old design, so any firmware updates will have stopped.

I own plenty of Bluetooth products, they all eventually just disconnect, but accept the Motion+ does it most.

I try to reduce the congestion on 2.4Ghz by using 5Ghz WiFi wherever possible.