Soundcore Motion+ Connection Issues

Hey guys, I seemingly have a pretty strange issue with the bluetooth in my Motion+. I am able to connect to it just fine with my phone, since it’s in my remembered devices, but all of my friends are unable to connect to the speaker, even if they download the soundcore app.

This not only pretty annoying when friends want to show me a song or play their music for a while, but it also worries me. If I have to reset my phone or get a new one, I doubt I’ll be able to reconnect to the speaker, meaning it will basically be a paperweight.

Has anyone else ran into this problem?

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Normally you don’t need any app to connect the speaker via bt.
Does the speaker show up in the bt list of your friend’s phone if you have turned off yours?

Shame you’re having issues @Cthulhu
One thing to try is to reset the speaker.
I believe this can be done by pressing and holding the Bluetooth and Volume + button for 5 to 10 seconds until the speaker restarts.
If that doesn’t work is the speaker under warranty?
You could get it back to the retailer for an exchange.
Failing that might be able to offer further instruction.

Please keep us updated how you get on.