Soundcore motion+: Classical Music EQ

Ehy guys, I’ve just got this amazing Speaker and I would like to set it correctly.
I’m not very skilled with EQ settings and I’ve just learnt how important they are.
If you liked to spend one entire evening listening to Classical Music, which EQ configuration would you choose?

Thanks a lot for those who are willing to help this newbie over here :slight_smile:

Ps: I liked these speakers so much that I’ve bought a second one


You will get answers in this lovely community. Newbie are welcomed!

Hey @Mario15
I believe @Chiquinho has one of these and will hopefully step in and offer some assistance.

Yes as Paul mentioned I have such a MOTION+.
But I dont use the soundcore app (Not available on my old LINUX Laptop)
I use banshee and under ANDROID JetAudio
Both are offering a very good eq over 10 frequencies individually adjustable,
But you should never forget the most important things is the human ear.
So its really impossible to tell you exaclty : THIS is the right and ONLY configuration.
You should play around a lot with it.

What kind of classical music are you listening to?
There are no many lovers of classical music to be found here. :smiley:


Here I reduced the trebles because the Motion+ got good tweeters.

Thanks a lot for your kind answer, Chiquinho!

I mostly listen from Baroque to Romantic period, so some pieces may show high peaks on the right side of the EQ (i.e. Alessandro Marcello’s Oboe Concerto), and in some others you may have huge bass sections (i.e. Schubert’s 8th Symphony “Unfinished”).
So I was just wondering if in a situation like this you would change your EQ each time you listen to a different piece, or maybe there a standard that you can always use.

This what I’ve come up with, by playing with the app in these days:

I’ve also notice that by having two Soundcores motion+ you need to adjust the EQ separately on each one of those, otherwise you will only set the frequency of the one the app is connected to.

Again, really thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge!


Oh, really!
You have been connecting two Motion + into stereo mode?
I think its possible (I have only one!)
So far, OK.

But when I connected my two FLAREs into stereo mode,
there is no need to set eq on each separately.
But as I told you I dont use that app and there is really no need to use it.

I have to look for Alessandro Marcello! :smile:
There are so many unknown, but SUPER composers, even a real connaisseur have not heard of them.

Great o meet you!
Where are you from?
I am from München, Bavaria.
But not focusing on German composers only of course!

Am listening to Carl Maria von Weber’s Clarinet concerto N. 1 at the moment.

Enjoy the sunday Mario!

Franz (but not Schubert! :joy:)

It’s really my pleasure, Franz!

I’m from Milan, Italy, and as we are currently struggling due to Covid19 issues, there’s nothing better than these motion+ in stereo mode!

I suggest you another composer who will test your EQ high frequency:

Antonio Rosetti - Concerto for 2 Horns in F maj. (3rd mov. - Robdeau). Oh man, my ears cry with this piece! [Screenshot from Primephonic app]:

But now I will dive into Weber’s Clarinet :slight_smile:

Have a great Sunday too, we’ll keep in touch :wink:

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Bongiorno Mario!

Of course I know Rosetti, not an Italian he was an Bohemian composer.
Think we should go in more “deeper discussion” via pm!
I will write you later.
If you are from Milano you should be in operas as well

Francesco! :joy:

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Find the EQ that may match your classical eq here, try the Flattened or Rock.

Rock, Pop, Flat, Harman Target Curve, Harman Signature, JBL Signature etc.

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Thank you for your advice,
Such a hint is perfect to get in such adjusts for others.
But never forget the hearing ability is differs a lot.

We are not a “dedicated team” here.
We are a forum, where ANKER fans are talking.
That’s all.
If you want to give some "hints to ANKER/soundcore do that via the
support email.

Hope your suggestion will be read by them here.
But better is an email as suggested above.