soundcore motion + bt problem

when i click on BT icon on the speaker. no blue light appears. It is fully charged and it was working just fine a few days ago. I also tried resetting and turn off/on… no result… anyone know any other solution?

Are you really sure its fully charged?
If so you should contact the support.

%100 sure fully charged.
i sent them e-mail…
lets see.
thanx god i bought it from amazon.
i guess i wll have to refund it.
such a shame for such a poor quality really…

This can happen.
This is not a question of “poor quality” at all.

There are so many different components installed, quite a complex item such a speaker in our days.

(Have you ever taken a deeper look inside of such a speaker and tried to understand the technique? )

I am sure you will get a replacement.
I am using my motion+ since more than a year : no probs.
tell us if you got an answer from the support,
And stay here please not being disappointed. :smile:

i dont have to be engineer and take a deep look inside to see the components or anything else as a customer to decide if the product is poor or good quality. If it is broken after 2 months of very normal use, it is very very POOR quality… I dont think i will ever get any other product of this company. A total disappointment for me.

Ok that’s your opinion and it will be respected of course.