Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Problem

Hey, I´ve got a problem with my Soundcore Motion+.

I´ve paired it with my phone (OnePlus 3) and it works fine with that.
Any other phone however, can´t find it. We tried different phones, my old iPod touch and
Notebook (which can find it, but not use it).
I also can´t find other people having the same issue on the internet.
Is it a bluetooth problem? An issue with the firmware or the App?
Any Help on this one would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!


Hi @KasiHasi, when you are trying to pair to another device is the speaker still connected to your OnePlus 3 and/or have you pressed the pairing button on the Motion+ to enable a new pairing request?

Hey @ndalby,

we (more or less) have a solution to the problem.
When trying to pair it to a new device, that hasn´t been connected before, we need to turn off the Motion+ without disconnecting from the previous device. After that, turn off bluetooth (of phone), restart the Motion+ and then pair it to the new device.
It seems to have 2 different pairing modes (we think), indicated by the lamp/light next to the pairing button. If the light is white, you can only pair with devices that have been connected before.
If the light is blue, it´s able to connect with devices that haven´t been connected before.
It is also able to connect to multiple devices, when they have been connected before (white light) and they can also interrupt each others music, without kicking the the other one completly.
We have the theory, that this is to prevent other devices from taking over the speaker at a party or something. Something like unauthorised connections…

Sorry for any spelling errors, English is not my native language!
And thanks for replying!


Hi there!
I’ve tried the switch off while connected and still get the same issue - it’s just not visible to any other device. I hold down Bluetooth button til it makes the sound and led blinks white but it’s not visible.
If this can’t be fixed then it’s a return.

Any help appreciated. Nice speaker but not worth it if only one device can ever pair!

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i tried @kasihasi solution but it didn’t work for me as well. the only thing that worked was to reset the motion+ Hold bluetooth button and volume increase button (+) for 5 seconds. Turn off and on, then hit bluetooth button. The light should now be blue instead of white. I was able to pair to my new device. I hope that helps.


@KasiHasi We are so sorry to know the issue with your Motion+ speaker. Please reset the Motion+ by holding the Bluetooth and Volume+ button at the same time for 5-10S until the Motion+ is restarted to test again.

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I have the exact same problem. Its really annoying. I also can’t find any firmwareupdate-file for download. I can only pair it with one device, after that others cant see the motion plus as a bluetooth device. I have to reset it to pair it with a new device.

Dear anker team, please resolve this issue, its VERY annoying.


Hope you guys get an update ASAP

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Same problem for me. Firmware update needed, thanks !

When the led blinks white push the bluetooth button again, then it will start to blink blue, and you can connect another device.

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This worked for me. Many thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, this works. Thank you.

When they work, they are truly amazing speakers. But the BT issues when using two of them are just too painful to deal with, and so they are going on ebay, and it is back to JBL for me. This is how a company loses loyalty - one small but highly irritating aspect can ruin it forever.

Sad/glad to report this issue is still happening.

I had been working with Anker support and they had replaced a Motion+ already.
I just received the replacement but couldn’t connect it to a second device. Support replied telling me about resetting which I did, still couldn’t add a second device.

Just before I sent the message to process returning the second speaker and get a refund, I asked The Google about “Motion+ not pairing with second device” and it brought me to this thread.

Pressing the BT button twice didn’t work for me, it was BT once, then the power button quickly.
But that secured the holy flashing blue BT light and the second pairing.

As others have commented, this is a troubling quirk.
I am a long time fan of Anker products and love the Motion+'s sound; this experience was really out-of-character. So, I’m not ditching the Motion+ but I hope Anker does what’s needed to bring this device fully into the fold of their rock solid products.


I have the same problem with my brandnew Motion+. Unpacked, fully charged the battery, powered on, paired with an Iphone, everything looked just fine until I tried to pair with another device. Pressed BT button, played the sound and the white light blinking. No device could find the SoundCore. Tried to power off/on, nothing changed. It paired with the Iphone I first connected too and only. (tried disconecting from iphone first, power off connected). I tried than to remove and forget the SoundCore from Iphone, and once I did that, even the Iphone could not find the soundcore. It’s like it is not discoverable.

I found out how to reset (BT an Volume+ for 5s) . It dit reset and than was blinking blue for pairing. All devices could see it, but as soon as the first one connects, it’s the same, only White Blinking, no one could find it anymore. So, everytime I needed to connect a different device, i needed to reset the SoundCore.

until I saw your comment @DrH. Thanks a lot. For me it did work. pressing “BT once, then the power button quickly” saved my day. (note that pressing BT twice not working here neither).
After this BT plus quick POWER button, i only get the Blue Light Blinking whenever I hit BT button, and it will be discoverable for other devices. It will disconnect from the the device it was connected. So i dont get the possibility to connect multiple devices anymore, but thats fine for instance, way better than having to reset all the time.

@DrH how is it working for you right now? did it “saved” this setting of BT connection? i mean, when you click BT it will always disconnect and blink blue?

@AnkerSupport Please, could you send this issue to Firmware team to make it work like it should? BTW, i’m using last firmware.

thanks a lot! I dont know how you figure this out, but it was very helpfull.

OK. It will sound silly, but I think I FOUND THE SOLUTION, and it is more than stupid if I can say that.

at least for me.

After doing all the procedures here and there, and doing what @DrH suggested It worked. BUT looking on other threads I realize I was clicking BT button for too long, and WHITE BLINKING means TWS connection.

all other BT audio devices I know we use to press the button until it starts the pairing. and for ANKER SOUNDCLOUD MONTION+ you just need a quick click and it goes BLUE BLINKING. (and that’s why the solution BT button and Power Button quickly worked great, cause I had to get a quick click on BT so I can get to POWER, and POWER needs I long press to work) - The same hapeens to Bass Up button, long press nothing happens (JBL needs a long press for ex.)

Thats it Folks, try that, maybe that’s the point. JUST A CLICK on BT , NOT PRESSING.
- Quick CLICK -> blue light -> BT pairing
- Long PRESS -> white light -> TWS pairing (with another Motion+)

hope this helps people having the same “issue”.


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Works for me. Thanks for the solution.