Soundcore Motion B | Turn It Up (Deals involved)

You think a small Bluetooth speaker won’t have the volume to do your music justice? Think again.

Motion B contains 2 full-range drivers and a passive bass-radiator capable of delivering 12W of intense audio power. When you’re fully prepared to experience an explosion of sound energy, simply buckle up and press play.

  • 12W Audio Output
  • BassUp Technology
  • 12-Hour Playtime
  • Wireless Stereo

I would highly recommend this speaker to anyone looking for something that’s good quality at an affordable price!

(22% OFF) Soundcore Motion B
Regular price: $39.99
Deal price: $30.99
Valid until July 7th
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Looks like a great speaker. If I had to assume, this is likely the Soundcore 2 successor. Expect this to be the best value speaker, especially as it is already badged “#1 new release” on Amazon.

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Definitely. I love that they included the dual speaker stereo support, and that massive passive radiator looks like fun.

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@AnkerOfficial what Anker products would you not recommend?

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Obviously, anything by Aukey.

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Did anyone test this speaker?

I have a Soundcore Boost, I wonder how the quality is compared to the Boost?

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The price for Soundcore boost is much higher than motion B, so it’s hard to compare.:joy:

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Would think the overall sound quality would be similar but without the extra 8 watts of audio for loudness and bass…