Soundcore Motion B Portable Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

I received the Soundcore Motion B Portable Bluetooth Speaker as sample for test
I am very happy to have received it, it has filled my expectations.
the speaker comes in a box with an attractive illustrative image, inside its accessories and the speaker.
I thought it would be a large speaker, but upon receiving it I was impressed by its size, it is small, not so small, but it fits perfectly in my hand, its weight is very light, details that I loved!
publicly speaking, the speaker promises 12-Hour Playtime, I have connected it to the charger until the battery is fully charged, so far I have been using it for six hours and it is still with the battery charged, so I will continue using it and controlling the time of exhaustion of the battery.
also, they promote that it is water proof, it has a cover of an insulating material, which apparently is what protects the device completely, so I have splashed water on it, and it was not damaged after turning it on.
then I thought, with a small size, would the audio have enough power?
I turned up the volume to the maximum and was impressed! My God, what a great speaker! the sound was powerful! Awesome! I could not believe how such a small speaker had such a strong and good sound, that comparing it with another player from a different brand (iclever) even bigger than it sounds at a lower power !!
I can only say that the Soundcore Motion B Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the best speaker in its size and quality I’ve had so far !!!
If you are looking for something light and powerful, think it over!

I have a single image on my cell phone at this precise moment, I will upload it right now, I promise that in the course of the day I will update this post and upload more photos of the speaker.


Looks good! Have you had opportunities to test it against other Anker/Soundcore speakers?

great review

Nice review. I have a couple SoundCore 2’s and one Motion B. I do notice a better sound quality with the Motion B, so that may be important to some. However, keep in mind it’s at the sacrifice of battery life. With that being said, the SoundCore 2’s audio is good-great (bass isn’t as good) and offers longer battery life.

The water-resistant feature is awesome, especially for someone like me who often goes to the pool, camping, hiking, biking, etc.

My only complaint about the Motion B is the redesigned plug cover. On the SoundCore 2, the cover has a little “flare” that helps you pull the cover out. On the Motion B, there is no flare. I need to grab something (like a butter knife) to open it up. Small complaint, but it is annoying. I’ve read another reviewer saying they liked that it was eliminated so it would fit in a travel case, so I guess this could be a good thing or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

Are you aware if the Soundcore Motion B is a real Anker product? Theres no mention of it on their site.

I’m glad you compared the Soundcore 2 to the Motion B because I was wondering the difference between the two. Have you heard the Tribit? I know the Tribit has more bass than the Soundcore 2 and since you mentioned they improved the sound I’m wondering if the Motion B is now at least as good.

Yes, Soundcore Motion B is a real Anker product.

All products that can be found at one of the following three links are real products made by Anker Innovations. Use the search bar at the top to find what you’re looking for. For example, Soundcore Motion B can be found at the first link.

It’s unfortunate that Anker does not maintain their own websites very well with their own recent releases.

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Nice! I’d love to hear the sounds quality, thank you for the review!

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I just wanna know that why is soundcore 2 more expensive than motion B though?

Because the soundcore 2 has better battery life. if you were going to get one I will get the soundcore to if you are going to get a set I would get the motion b.

Personally, I think the Soundcore 2 is a better performer. And i have got proof, of all the anker products in this review of the best bluetooth speakers, the souncore 2 was a top selected pick. you can see the list for yourself

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