Soundcore Motion B no longer pairs with Galaxy S8+

I made the mistake of unpairing my speaker from my phone. Now my phone doesn’t see it at all. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Note: this is a phone issue, but I’m hoping someone here knows how to fix this.

Hi @jpritchett1 , check no previous pair records for the Motion B are present on your phones BT menu, if they are delete. Reboot your phone and try a fresh pairing of the speaker.

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How do I do that? All I’ve been able to find is the current list. My speaker is no longer on it.

Thank you.

So your speaker is not listed so that is a good start…try a restart of your phone then see if the speaker shows in your BT menu when trying a fresh pairing…pressing the BT button on the Motion B for 2 seconds should force the speaker into pairing mode, which can on occasion force a prompt on your phone for speaker to be paired (as long as BT is enabled on your phone and searching)…

Have you tried “forgetting” the device from settings?

I tried that before. I tried it again after a shutdown. Still doesn’t find the speaker.

I haven’t found anything in settings that lets me do that.

This may be an Oreo problem.

Ok, problem solved. Perhaps it was a speaker problem after all. I asked my son to try to pair his Galaxy S9 with the Soundcore Motion B. After he did that, I was able to pair my S8+ with it again.

@jpritchett1 Sounds a tad weird that one but glad your now sorted :thumbsup:

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Thank you.