Soundcore Mini wont connect

I have a Soundcore Mini which connects and plays fine to my Android Tablet and phone so I know the speaker works fine. I have 2 laptops that will connect to the Soundcore via Bluetooth but I hear no sound from either. would appreciate any tips.

I assume the phone is always switched on, so there are problems to connect to other devices.

Remove the speaker from phone’s and tablet’s bt list an try connecting.
The laptops got Win-OS?

Nose around in sound settings that output is actually to the speaker.

If that looks good then delete pairing, then pair again and go into settings device drivers and check the speaker is under audio devices not “other devices” then check output is to the speaker.

The issue is not specifically to Soundcore it is specifically to Windows device drivers so search for Bluetooth Windows 10 fixes, don’t look for Soundcore fixes.

Maybe check the sound settings in your laptop. Also make sure it’s paired to the laptop

@shaun242 Assuming your using Windows 10, when you click the speaker icon in your taskbar does the paired speaker show and/or is selected?

I have to do that a lot on my work laptop.

Will add to yours info that if your speaker is not selected and if your speaker is connected there should be an arrow to the rt of text when you click the speaker in the taskbar. It will allow you to pick which speaker to use. If you see it there, you can make the change.