Soundcore Mini Volume Buttons Broken?

hey guy anyway to volume up when all my buttons are broken cannot trigger it and talking about warranty no i dont have

If the volume buttons are broken, your main options are to either control the volume via the audio source device (phone etc), consider purchasing a new speaker or as you have nothing to lose, attempt a repair of the buttons by disassembling the speaker.

Disassembling and repair the speaker could make sense if you are a skilled tinkerer.
If so give it a try and have fun.

May be @Lim_Sruntek you can post the pic of the Soundcore Mini and the broken buttons…

It might be interesting to see if you can do a DIY to elongate the life of the device :+1:

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Or you can get another speaker when it’s on sale

Yes this is a nice idea.
All tinkerers (me included) would like to see.

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