Soundcore Mini speaker connects for voice but not music on PC?

I am experiencing a problem with my Anker Soundcore Mini Bluetooth speaker. It’s been working fine with my PC for months. However, today, after successfully connecting to my PC, it would not play music from Windows Media player or Amazon music. When I check Bluetooth device settings, I see that it shows a connection for voice only, not music. I have tried disconnecting & deleting the device multiple times, repairing, restarting the PC, etc., but no matter what I do, the speaker only connects for voice but not music. Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions about how to fix this? I appreciate your time.

Give this a try, clear all bluetooth pairing from the speaker itself by holding the volume up and down button for 3 to 5 seconds, also forget the speakers from your computer. Once you do that go back into settings, bluetooth, add device bluetooth and let it search. Wait for the speaker to pop up, but do not click on it right away, wait for it to say voice/ multimedia or something similar.
You can also right click the volume icon in the bottom right hand corner of Windows 10, click Default Playback device, then select the Bluetooth speaker from the list and click “Set Default”


Did you update to 1803?

Thank you so much for your time and suggestions. I’m still having difficulties. I removed both the Soundcore mini and my speakers from the device list. I pressed volume up and volume down at the same time until I heard the word “zero”. When I then tried to add a Bluetooth device, SoundCore mini showed up but only with the description “Audio” even after several minutes. I eventually selected to connect, and I received a Windows message that the SoundCore Mini was set up and ready to go, but ultimately it still identified a voice only connection (and my speakers showed back up in my device list). I restarted my computer in an attempt to try again, but now the SoundCore Mini won’t even show up in the “Add a device list” - the blue light on the front keeps flashing and a connection does seem to be able to be made. Could I have done something really wrong? Thanks again!

Yes. My update history shows version 1803 was successfully installed on 5/21/2018.

A lot of people are havig issues with the latest windows update. For that reason can you go to your computers manufacturer website and update your bluetooth driver please. Do not rely on windows dr in ver update because it won’t update it, you have to go to the manufacturer itself

From my PC manufacturer’s website (Acer) the latest Bluetooth driver is dated Aug. 2015. Is it okay to install a driver this old on my latest version of Windows10? Thanks!

Yes and no, yes if it’s the only driver available. But what I would do is go to the manufacturer of the bluetooth card and see if they have a newer driver


Not sure if.already mentioned?

It’s prob BT settings on your PC.

I know on my Galaxy S8, I can chose either/both media n calls, to go to my BT device.

@Tank Your post might be nearly 2 years old but this worked for me! I haven’t been able to use my mini speaker for a few weeks until I followed your clear instructions and now it’s working! Now I can listen to my music in my garden whilst in lockdown. Thank you so much, blessings to you and your family, stay safe.


glad to be of help and that it worked for you. And you as well as your family stay safe

I was trying to connect the Anker Wakey and found the same issue. Thanks to your advice, just wait a few minutes after it showed up!!! Thank you so much :smiley:

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