Soundcore mini: sound volume too low

I have a soundcore mini for a few months, mainly used in bluetooth with iPhone 6. Everything was fine up to 2 days back: the sound volume is now very low.
Pushing the + doesn’t change anything.
I tried with 2 devices : iPhone & Mac and with 2 connections: bluetooth & jack cable --> same issue.
I tried also a reset by pushing M during several seconds : no change.
Any idea?

Have you tried adjusting the volume on your phone itself? And laptop?

I’ve had this issue on my LG G4. It was an issue with the sound volume on the phone. After a restart of the music app and the phone it worked again.

If that doesn’t work I would email support. Just make sure to tell them the trouble shooting steps you have already tried.

That the first thing I checked on the 2 machines I am using.

Mirroring advice above, it seems like you have taken appropriate steps to rectify the issue without success, I would advise you to contact Anker support.

They are very helpful and friendly, and as you have only had it a few months it will be covered under warranty unless they can advise on a different fix.
EDIT: Don’t forget to include purchase details, serial number etc in your initial email.

@dlebouc Sorry to know the volume issues of your SoundCore mini speaker. From the description, the speaker sounds to be defective. Would you please contact us via We are more than happy to help you with the exchange. Thanks

I had a similar thing happen on my Soundcore Mini. I was super pleased with the volume level and it suddenly lowered due to a notification. Was pretty stumped with what happened, however I noticed something upon activating Siri. The volume bar on the phone screen was at about 50% even though on the music app I had it at 100%. While Siri was still open, I turned the volume up via phone controls and it restored the higher/original volume the soundcore was pumping out! Not sure if it’s a guaranteed fix but it worked for me!