SoundCore mini - Problems play mp3

we have any SoundCore mini and use it with mp3-files on SD-cards. Our problem: If we copy the mp3 from an Ipad over an SD-Card-Adapter to SD-Card, there are dropouts when playing the mp3 files or the mp3 file is played from the beginning again after a short time.
If we copy the mp3-file from a Windows-System to SD-Card there are no problems.

Is there a problem copying files from ipad to sd card or is there some other explanation for these problems?
Thank you for your help.


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Is the iPad up to date software wise.

Hello Matthew,
we use an iPad 5.Generation with software version 13.7 installed.

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Ok so the iPad should be fine it might be the reader. Are you using an official adapter from Apple or a 3rd party one? I think it just might be the iPad. The iPads are not usually that great for Sd or Micro sd cards. You could always still use the Bluetooth on the Soundcore Mini. Go ahead and try to download IOS 14 that might help out too.

If you view the SD card on a windows computer (after copying from the iPad) do you have any ghost files showing (the mp3 file name starting with ._ ?

It’s most likely these and the general file system formatting which is causing the playback issue.


Oh ja.
That could be the reason.
LINUX accept the Mac and MS ghosts.

And I accept yours here too! :joy:


Thank you for your answers.
I will test for the ghost files. When I’ve tested that, I’ll get back .

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