Soundcore mini not pairing

I have a Soundcore mini and when I try to pair it to my laptop the laptop recognizes the speaker and said that it has paired but the light on the speaker still flashes and no sound comes out. I have tried to pair the speaker with my phone and my girlfriend’s one as well and it works grea with either of those devices. Any ideas?

Most likely its the sound card setting -
I would imagine you have used Wireless BT earbud/headphones before.
Try setting the setting to speaker instead of headphones
Normally there is a test option, play music to verify Windows displays a sound with that setting
If it’s a dell you might have to go into Dell’s settings , nit just Windows
(or any manufacturer may have their own setting that over rides Windows)

Which OS?
If WIN10, you should delete the default bt driver given by WIN10 and download and install the driver of the manufacturer of the bt-card.