Soundcore mini no sound

Hello from Turkey,

I got my anker soundcore mini from aliexpress, 6 months ago.

I used to this day without any problems, but today I tried to listen to songs on sd card but there is no sound.
then I switched it turn off and turn on again. still there is no sound including opening or mode changing voices…

I thought that the charge was over and I got it from the computer but it does not react at all.

The current situation is full of charge, but I do not react at all when I open-close. When I plug the charger, the charging light is on, and when it is full the charging light is off.

what can i do, can i do hard reset? or something else

I ask for your help.

Thank you.

Hi @ycanoz,
Do any of the other modes work, like Bluetooth or Aux line input? If not, feel free to reach out to for assistance.

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Hello again,
Unfortunately, none of them work.

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There is a reset of the hardware which you should do.
Be patient, the “specialists” here will answer you asap.

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@ycanoz Sorry to hear the problem of your speaker. If possible, may I trouble you to try resetting the speaker by holding the M (Mode) button for 3s to see if it works? If the problem was still there, please contact us via We are more than happy to help you with the exchange. Thanks.

Hi there, please I speaker no longer working like before after it fell from table while playing music. Bass gone already pls help