Soundcore mini LED only white, never red (solved - it should only be white!)

I just bought a soundcore mini. Its great, really good. But the charge LED doesnt seem to work properly. It only shows white. It came on white and blinked which I assumed was the battery was low, so I put it on to charge, using a strong phone 5v charger (then a normal 2v one), and the LED immediately stopped blinking, changing to steady. It never changed after that. I assume it did charge as it works without being plugged in. But the LED never showed red and did not stop showing even when I left it on charge for a long time.

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Have you tried pressing the function button?

  • discharge -> flashing white;
  • in charging -> fixed white;
  • fully charged -> LED off.
    A further led allows you to understand if some device is connected or not and in this case if it is available for the association:
  • flashing blue -> association available;
  • solid blue -> connected device.

How long did you leave it charge? Depending on the charger, it could take several hours to fully charge.
Also, was the speaker off while being charged? If it was on and playing music, it may never reach full capacity.
At any rate, feel free to reach out to for further assistance. Thanks!

You are totally right! Thank you for responding. I was thinking the LED should be red because of posts Ive seen on this forum and elsewhere that mention the red LED for charging - but that must be a previous model. This model only has a white LED as you describe - and the manual actually states this if you bother to look it up! So, there is nothing wrong with my unit.

FYI I actually emailed support @ anker and they responded as if there may be a fault, suggesting I should try to do the reset (which does nothing - of course, as there is nothing wrong) - so thanks again for replying grunghios. XX

happy to give you some help :slight_smile: if you want flag my post as “solved” . thanks :slight_smile:

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yes youre right its a good point. If the speaker is still playing music then it may never be fully charged. I’ll keep that in mind.

see the other replies - this model only has a white LED. So, I was slightly confused by other forum posts but @grunghios solved it and I checked in the manual, they are correct :slight_smile:


The soundcore mini has a blue light also, I know because I have one.

Yes true, but that’s the bluetooth LED, they are separate.

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you were tying to say.