Soundcore Mini Issues: no sound, not working at all

Hello, I bought an Anker Soundcore Mini a few months ago and been really happy with it’s quality and sound.

One day, it suddenly stopped working. There’s no sound at all, and the blue light only blinks once one I turn it on. It does charge over usb with full white light until it turns off (full charge?).

I turn on the speaker again and nothing: just a blue light that blinks once. No sound or pairing through bluetooth, no sound connecting it through cable or fm radio.

Is there any way to reset the speaker?

The “just one blue blink” means it has a hardware problem?

Hope to hear from you as soon as possible


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Try holding down the power button longer after tuning it on to see if it enters into pairing mode

This model doesn’t have a power button :frowning:

@elmo41683 Thanks for answering the question. For the SoundCore mini speaker, we can hold the M button for 3s to reset the speaker. @ffachopper We received your email and please find our reply in your email. Thanks

Hi @ffachopper , do you get any reaction from pressing and holding the mode button?

I would suggest trying the following before contacting support for a hardware failure;

  • charge the SoundCore Mini with a different microUSB cable and wall charger
  • press and hold the mode button to force BT pairing (forget on your device first)
  • connect microUSB cable, increase volume and press mode button to cycle through to radio mode. Check for audio.

If the above fails to resolve it is quite possible your unit has a hardware fault. At that point you would be best contacting with your serial and purchase date / location, plus the troubleshooting steps you have completed. This should help speed up additional troubleshooting or instigation of a replacement unit under warranty (if in warranty still)

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Has this been resolved? having the same issues as OP.

I emailed the customer service as I bought my speaker in Europe, but recently I just moved to Indonesia when I started having problems with my speakers. I’m guessing that Anker doesn’t ship to this country or they just don’t want to. It’s such a shame for this.

I ended up having great customer service (refunded) and bought them again through a local reseller. Working great so far!

I have same issue occured with my anker soundcore mini please tell me how to do it

mine has done the same thing and so has a lot of people judging by how many blogs there are!There is no solution, its faulty

Yes I seem to also have a problem as it plays at the same level and cannot adjust it. Not good if you are playing sleep music on the SD card and going to bed.

I have a sound core mini for about 3,4 months i did not opened it but when I opened it today it is working and I am impressed by it’s quality but when I put micro SD (16 GB ) card in it it plays my some song than and when I hold the volume button once again for next song the white light slows down and it turns off and it never turns on again I put it on charge but it charge for 5to10 minutes and than the charging stops . Please help me!

Try different cable and charger first.

Leave it on charge overnight.

Reset it.

I will try the different adapter different data cable and I will charged it for about 7hours but it is still not working and I will told you that it charge for only about5to10 minutes and than it stops charging!

Either it’s a dud unit, or the SD card format confused it.

Try resetting?

What is dud unit? It is not resetting also

Dud = you’ve tried the usual fixes and contact

Soundcore team didn’t replied me

No I will not try usual fixes and something else

Bought my Soundcore Icon Mini last May 2020 after 1 month it stopped working. And I tried every possible way to fix and all the fixes they provided in this forum. Until now, after 1 year, I am still not able to use. contacting anker singapore but no response to date.