Soundcore mini is a bad design

The auto saving feature is nice, but a lot of people require the device always on. And using a cable to bypass the power saving feature defeats the whole purpose of having a wireless device. Then when it does turn itself off, the power button is annoying. The speaker is powered off, yet you have to put the power button off and then on? This is just plain bad design and annoying.

The mini also suffers from background hissing, just like the Anker square pocket speaker. Granted the hissing is a lot lower on the mini, but it’s still there.

I understand your complaint, however most people that wish the speaker didn’t automatically turn off aren’t going to even consider buying a mini Bluetooth speaker in the first place. It’s an pretty drastically different market. Heck, most people still don’t even want Bluetooth, as there are so many limitations vs having a simple wire. Not only that, but clearly this Bluetooth speaker (and most others) are not meant for staying in one place and being plugged into the wall. You’ll have to look elsewhere for that, and you’ll find much better sound quality for a cheaper price as well… even if the speakers are old. Science tells us that it is inevitable you can get better sound in a larger speaker than a tiny one, assuming the other variables are the same. Unfortunately, more and more manufactures are making this tiny crap. Hope I can relate to you with this.

Anker - don’t get me wrong, I won’t pass up a Bluetooth speaker, preferably a larger one, though. :wink:


As @joshuad11 states, if you want it always on and good sound quality then you should be thinking of a wired speaker to a music playing device.

The audio compression of Bluetooth necessarily worsens audio quality. Smaller speakers necessarily have a narrower audio range (because smaller devices have a natural resonance overlapping the sounds you’re normally play).

We own the Anker mini, Sport XL and Nano, and non-Anker an Oontz and others. The Mini is not our favourite, the Sport XL has better audio quality (because it is bigger) and the Nano is quite decent and more portable. While you didn’t mention specifically the pairing, the Mini won’t pair with all our devices, unlike say the Nano or the Oontz.

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@jeffreyspam Thanks my friend, your comment is much appreciated and we have filed your suggestions for our future improvements. We will keep improving the speakers’ quality. We do have new speakers and they will be released pretty soon:smiley:Please keep an eye on our community. Cheers!:wink: