Soundcore Mini holder for bike

Has anybody made or know where I can buy a holder to attach the Anker Soundcore Mini to the handlebars of a road bike.

Try checking Amazon, I’m sure you can find many there :+1:

If you can’t find a mount for that speaker, you have two choices (that I know of).

  1. Buy the Icon Mini instead… :grin:

  2. 3d print your own Mount.

Good luck!

I do not have a Soundcore Mini but I do have the Bose and love their handle grip. One reason I purchased this was because it is advertised for biking.

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That’s the problem, I’ve looked on there and eBay and can’t see anything suitable on either. Bit frustrating, in hindsight I should probably have got a devoted bike speaker but the reviews for the sound quality of the Anker were too good to ignore.

Sounds like you gonna have to come up with your own strap or find a way to attach it to the bike. Sorry Amazon wasn’t much help

I know it sounds a bit basic/silly but would it be achievable with some cable ties?

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Why not get a mount with straps like This as it can be used with any speaker and shape

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Nah it really needs to be a lot more stable & secure. I’m thinking a large torch holder might be modifiable.

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Does that muffle the noise at all? I’m thinking it might since it covers the front of the speaker…

Also, I don’t know how well that would work with the odd shape of the flare :joy:

Nope, doesn’t muffle it at all as its usually above or below the speaker placement for the flare. And it holds just fine

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