Soundcore Mini doesn't auto switch off anymore

I’ve had the soundcore mini for about 4 months now, and all along it has been automatically switching off after 10 minutes of inactivity. However, it has suddenly stopped doing this and is remaining switched on for long periods of time. Any idea how I could get it to switch off automatically again?

You probably want to try a hard reset of the speaker… I’m not sure how to do it for that particular speaker, maybe someone else can tell you how :man_shrugging:

Is this via aux, SD or BT connection?

As @Anjou1888 has mentioned you could try a reset of the speaker…which for this model is by holding the mode button for 3 seconds…

This is via Bluetooth connection to my Macbook. Thanks for your suggestion and I will try the reset and see if it works.

Thanks everyone for your help, resetting the speaker worked.

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Glad to hear @Amanda_Tay :slight_smile: