Soundcore Mini connection issues


I purchased a soundcore mini for use in a small office.

I set the speaker up and it ran without issue for 2 days, but now I am having a connection issue where it will play for 2 minutes, then it stops playing for 15 seconds and then starts playing again, which is very irritating.

The speaker is fully charged - white light on steady then goes off.

I’ve tried the suggested unpairing and repairing of the speaker with the pc, but this hasn’t made any difference.

Any suggestions or is this a case of contacting customer support for a refund?

Is there a way to reset it? Also, is it fully charged? If it’s not, check the charging port for any lint that may obstruct the connection. If all else fails, reach out to . And they should be able to troubleshoot with you. :slight_smile:

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There really shouldn’t be a reason for this issue unless your computer updated. Was there some sort of OS update on the computer? As @Nhi suggested I would contact @AnkerSupport at and give them the order number serial number and any troubleshooting steps you have already tried. This will speed up your support ticket.

I’m assuming it’s connected to a Windows 10 PC? Unfortunately, Windows 10 is notorious for random Bluetooth issues (I need to use Windows 10 at work and my Bluetooth headphones randomly disconnect throughout the day :persevere:).

I would suggest trying to find updated Bluetooth drivers directly from the manufacturer of the Bluetooth chip used in the computer (not from the computer manufacturer, as they can be outdated).

Here are some steps your can try: Fix Bluetooth problems in Windows - Microsoft Support

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