Soundcore Mini - Bluetooth Not working?

I just purchased an Anker Soundcore Mini. Used it for a few hours. I disconnected to take a phone call, and realized there’s an auto-shut off after 10 minutes. However, when I power it back on, the Bluetooth light only blinks once, and it cannot be detected by my phone.

I tried holding the mode, but nothing happens. I read a previous problem like this but no one answered. Anyone ever had this experience?

Have you tried unpairing it from your phone and repairing it?

Mini cycles between modes including to radio or SD card are you sure you’re only powering on and not cycling to non-BT source?

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I’ve had similar issues my Soundcore Mini. For me, I unpaired/paired but still had no luck. I had to restart the phone.

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Thanks, all. I impaired it. And tried 2 phones. The problem is, it’s not being detected. It just blinks once, when I power it on. Even if I try to scan via bluetooth on both phones, it still doesn’t see it. I sent an email to customer support but no response yet.

The speaker doesn’t display a blinking blue light when you turn it on.

The speaker can’t be detected by two phones. It only blinks once.

I tried cycling through the mode, pressing it multiple times to see if it will blink blue, to no avail.

Have you tried holding down the mode button for at least 3 to 5 seconds so it can enter into pairing mode?

Hi again, thanks for the response.

Yes. I actually tried turning on/off, holding the Mode button, nothing happens. Even pushing it multiple times just to see if the Bluetooth light would blink. Nothing really. What specifically happens is, once you turn the speaker on, it just blinks once. And whatever you do, press any keys (even the play/volume), nothing happens. No blink, not even once. Not until you turn off, then on. Blinks once again. It can’t be detected by any Bluetooth machine, even a PC.

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Just posted a response, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi there, did you ever resolve your issue? My soundcore mini is doing the same thing. I’m recieving one blue blink and nothing else. It will not detect my phone and I tried holding the mode button for 5 second but no changes.

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4 years on I’ve had the same problem, tried unpairing and repairing with no luck. I tried deactivating all my other bluetooth stuff (smart band, Covid apps) and still nothing.
It was this genius idea of restarting the phone which has sorted it for me. Thank you!

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