SoundCore Mini Battery

I have a Sound Core Mini bought in Jan 2018. The battery doesn’t charge anymore. I’ve tried with different cables but the level of the battery still remains to 10%. What can I do? I can’t think that the life of battery can be only 2 years…

thank you


Tried different charger?

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Yes, I tried. So the last suggestion is to write to


The battery life is not typically 2 years. Around 2 years typically the capacity has reduced but battery still works. Around 3 years is when battery death typically happens.

But 2 years is not exceptional, it can happen. Either bad luck (unlikely), or it’s simply heavily used nearly every day (unlikely) or its been kept too cold, too hot or simply not used at all (the more common reasons).

Ok, I’ll write to the support team.
I did not heavily use it, I usually charged it once every 10/14 days. Normal use, normal temperature in house…
Let’s see the answer provided by the support team.
thank u

@alessandro3 Thank you for reaching out to Anker and we are so sorry to know the issue with your SoundCore mini speaker. The issue you met is unusual, please contact us via email to get further assistance.