Soundcore mini 2: The competition is to strong

Hey folks,
Like 13 other people, I got a Soundcore mini 2 to test and review from Anker. Out of the Soundcore typical blue-white box, you get the speaker, a charging cable, and a user’s manual.

The mini 2 is with 7 x 7 x 8 cm small but that you should expect when you buy a mini 2. The speaker comes with a black aluminum top part and the lower part is rubberized.
In the lower part, you have the power, volume, play/pause and Bluetooth buttons. On the back, you have the mircoUSB charging port and a 3.5 mm input both are covered. With the play button you have different command options e.g. you can push it twice and it will jump to the next song. Here I would have liked if Soundcore has added the three press option to jump back.

The 6 W speaker is really strong and you can say that it has a big bass like they advertise. After you charged the speaker for 2.5 hours you can listen to it for over 16 hours. Now you might ask what is about the IPX7 rating. I give the speaker the 30 minutes it has to be protected against water. I wouldn’t recommend to put into water because the Bluetooth connection will break but you don’t have to be afraid that it will break. I used my speaker the most time as a radio or to listen to a podcast while I took a shower. Before I used my Slim+ earpods and is much better.
The speaker has a really clear sound. Just on the lower volume levels, you could hear it rustle. On the highest level, it vibrates really strong and the quality is not the greatest.

For the price of $42, the Soundcore is hard to recommend no matter how good it is. Anker has with the Soundcore 2 a strong competition. The Soundcore 2 has stereo sound and an IPX5 rating and is with $40 cheaper. If you care about the IPX7 rating I can recommend it otherwise I would say you should get the Soundcore 2.


Seems like we had similar conclusions. :+1:t2:


Appreciate the honesty about the price, and I too have to agree it is priced a bit high. But I’m sure once it’s out a lil linger they will adjust price down


Nothing wrong with honesty, that’s my best and preferred type of review… :ok_hand: yep I agree with most the price point is currently too high for the aspects of the speaker compared to other versions etc…when the price point drops as normally…well…


I think it comes down to preference. I don’t have one so I can’t speak to the audio quality but the ability to pair with another Mini 2 ipx7 rating and better portability are strong selling points in my opinion. To each his own.

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I think I still like the design more than regular soundcore. Seems much easier for carrying around and I would definitely take it over regular soundcore because of the portability.

Good review. I appreciate the honesty and I agree with you about the price.

Great review @Kopra_12 all good points, as Neil says I expect a price drop at some point :grin:

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