SoundCore Mini 2 Product Review

Anker’s Sound-Core Mini 2 fulfills the functionalities and user experiences with its wide array of technological enhancements.
• Pairing process is flawless; can be paired easily across all Bluetooth capable devices.
• Answering calls via speaker is a huge benefit; however, the phone should be within close proximity to allow for better/ strong connection
• Support for AUX jack is a plus
• IPX7 Waterproof, I have yet to dare throwing this into my pool. But a piece of mind if I were to drop it in.
• Rubberized bottom allow for non-slip and secure
• Battery Life is amazing (while I haven’t confirmed its 15 hours, I can promise that it does not fall short of 12 hours)
• With the price set at $34, performance is comparable against other devices within this price range.

To be desired-
• Connection range can be muffled when separated by a wall.
• Mic function will work ONLY if phone is placed within 10ft (with no wall or barriers)
• Connection will cause a half second lag when playing i.e. YouTube videos on iPhone and Android.

Purchasing price of $34 does justify the # of functions and quality you are getting; after all, when you purchase an Anker product, you are backed up by Anker’s excellent customer service and warranty. And I look forward to bringing this to my camping trip.

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Thanks for your review, for YouTube you can slow down pr speed up the video if need be by half a second so the sound syncs properly

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Good overview & use of something for scale / size comparison :thumbsup:

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Nice review and photos!

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nice review

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Good review and nice pictures. Speaker looks really compact

Cup-o-sound :slight_smile:

Good review. I liked the photo of the speaker next to the cup which shows the size a little better. Thanks for sharing.

Nice job with your review. :smiley: :thumbsup:

Sound review. I like the pictures compared to the coffee cup.