Soundcore mini 2 audio delay

I’ve recently ought a soundcore mini 2, after having used the original mini without a single problem since it was first launched.

The mini 2 however appears to have a good 1 second or so audio delay, regardless of what device it pairs with.

All firmware is up to date, and i didnt have the]is problem with the mini.

Any suggestion on fixing this would be great.


Which devices are you trying to Bluetooth from?

You could try resetting the Mini 2 by long pressing the play/pause button for 4 seconds or more when in standby mode, this will clear any pairing records within the speaker. Clear the pair record on your device, then try a fresh pairing.


So sorry to hear you are having a problem with the SoundCore mini 2 speaker. Regarding the issue you mentioned, please try following tips to see if any help:

  • Confirm the speaker is fully charged
  • Reset the speaker by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button & volume “+” button for 2s at the same time. You will hear “ding” when you finish reset.
  • Clear that speaker from your Bluetooth’s memory,then test it again
  • Try the speaker with another device,such as your phone;try another app or audio source

If above doesn’t help,please try using the speaker under Audio cable mode.

Please contact us at with the issue and a copy of the receipt if any further assistance needed.

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