SoundCore Mini 2 - amazing sound from such a compact speaker!

I’ve just finished reviewing the brilliant SoundCore 2 Mini - so much more sound presence compared to the original SoundCore with much enhanced clarity across the audio spectrum and improved bass.
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Anker SoundCore Mini 2 – Bluetooth Speaker
Another new speaker joins the Anker line-up (February 2018), with the recently released ‘SoundCore’ branded Mini 2. The SoundCore Mini 2 is the updated version of the original SoundCore Mini, adding new features and improved sound quality. This review takes a closer look at the SoundCore Mini 2 which Anker recently sent me for testing and review.



Note: In my pictures the SoundCore Mini 2 is Black colour, and the original SoundCore Mini is Silver colour. The new SoundCore 2 Mini is only slightly bigger than the Original SoundCore Mini - still very compact and easy to carry around.

I’ve purchased and owned the original SoundCore Mini last year, so was keen to see how Anker could possibly improve upon the already great portable SoundCore Mini? Well they did - Anker have applied an innovative re-design and indeed have created an even better sounding speaker with the SoundCore Mini 2. I was able to directly compare the original SoundCore Mini with the updated SoundCore Mini 2, and the bass is definitely more powerful on the new speaker due to its upgraded 6 Watt high performance driver and Ankers novel ‘BassUp’ technology. The compact size makes this the perfect speaker for smaller to mid-size rooms or taking it outside to the beach, camping, car or BBQ. I use mine to enhance tablet or mobile phone sound most of the time and take away to use on holidays so I have music in my room. In all honesty this speaker does pack quite an amazing punch for its small size and could easily fill a small or medium room (say 12x12’ room max) with sound. I really wasn’t expecting such a powerful clear sound from such a small speaker delivering a well-balanced sound across the audio frequency range, the enhanced low bass is incredible for its size with mids & high frequencies being noticeably much more ‘crisp’ when compared to the original SoundCore Mini. Having owned other brands of mini bluetooth speaker (of similar barrel shape & size), I can confidently say the SoundCore Mini 2 outperforms them all easily! The in-built 1850mAh capacity Li-ion battery provides up to an incredible 15 hours of playback time via bluetooth 4.2 or aux input. Charging time takes up to 3 hours with a suitable charger (charging at 5V with up to 1A input).

This new speaker also boasts an excellent IPX7 rating, so good waterproof protection offers protection against complete submersion in water (max. 1m depth for 30 mins although the manual indicates NOT to be submerged in water!), so good for using outside in heavy rain conditions. The connections (micro-USB charging port and Aux input) on the lower half of the speaker are protected and covered by a water proof rubber guard that is easily released to enable access to the charging port and aux input. The top 2/3 of the speaker surface is metal of a matte black finish with the lower 1/3 of speaker being good quality plastic with very slight rubberised finish, with the top of speaker covered by a fine metal mesh (one piece metal top 2/3). The base has a circular rubberised grippy finish to minimise any surface vibrations.

The controls of the SoundCore Mini 2 has 5 soft touch buttons – on/off, volume down, play/pause, volume up and bluetooth pairing (from left to right). Some of the buttons have dual functions, for example the play button can be used to answer incoming calls on your connected mobile phone, and yes the speaker also has a built-in microphone. Calls can be answered, rejected or placed on hold by pressing the play button for a set time or number of presses – all explained in the owner’s manual supplied with the speaker. It’s even possible to access SIRI, Google Now or other voice control software via the in-built microphone and a long press of the play button. There are also two LEDs on the controls – the left LED indicates charging status, colour is red when charging and then goes off when fully charged. The right hand side blue LED is used to indicate bluetooth pairing mode (flashing blue) and paired (steady blue).

The speaker can also be paired to another SoundCore Mini 2 to create true wireless stereo (as I only have one Mini 2 this feature was not tested). Also, the new SoundCore Mini 2 appears to be Amazon Dot compatible (no auto-power off) – so a great addition to amazon Dot owners wanting better sound (tested over 72hrs).

The SoundCore Mini 2 came very well packaged. It feels satisfyingly solid & robust in the hand and yet is very compact weighing only 209 grams. Its external dimensions are approx. 69.5 x 69.5 x 80mm, the package includes a micro-USB charging cable, although no audio aux input cable was provided. Bluetooth is version 4.2+EDR providing wireless audio from up to 66ft. It comes with the excellent Anker 18 month warranty, micro-USB charging cable and user guide.

Full 6 Watt speaker (with BaseUp technology)
Unlike the original SoundCore Mini, the new SoundCore Mini 2 appears to be Amazon Dot compatible (no auto-power off) – so a great addition to amazon Dot owners wanting better sound.
True Wireless Stereo: With the press of a button, pair two Soundcore Mini 2 for stereo sound.
Great build quality and finish with waterproof IPX7 rating
Up to 15 hours of music playback (depending on volume level)
Able to answer phone calls or access voice control software with the in-built microphone
Rechargeable via supplied micro-USB cable (1A max input for fast charging)
Good ‘grippy’ circular rubber base to speaker to avoid surface vibrations

No audio aux input cable provided, but these are generally easily available at low cost on the high street.
No built-in radio or micro-sd card slot that the original SoundCore Mini has - worth noting if the original Mini has features you need!

The improved SoundCore Mini 2 joins my list of favourite daily use bluetooth speakers (along with SoundCore 2 & Boost), delivering very good audio clarity (much improved lows, mids & highs) with an amazingly powerful bass for such a compact speaker. The Anker SoundCore Mini 2 is ideal for small to mid-size rooms (tested in a 12X20’ room), its compact size and superb battery life (up to 15hrs) also makes it ideal for taking outside to the beach, camping, holiday or BBQ. I have no hesitation in recommending this speaker.


Hi @Blotch,
good review, good comparison and good pictures :sunglasses:


Fab review.

I was using my (my daughters) SoundCore Mini this morning


Looks like the beat wasn’t the only thing that was dropped this morning. :joy:


Excellent detailed review there @Blotch :thumbsup:


Great review @Blotch


Great review and I love the detail. I got my soundcore the other day and will have my review up next week.


Wow! Very nice review!!! Well done!!!


Nice review! I must say that some good reviews may be promoted on our official social media platform. So stay tuned!


Thanks everyone :smiley: Just to update on Amazon Dot compatibility, over 24hrs hrs into test and its still working great. No sign of auto-power off or bluetooth disconnect, looks promising. I’ll keep running the SoundCore Mini 2 paired to one of my Dots and will update again in a few days.

Also to note, this speaker really does go to high volumes without distortion, its easily fills a 12’x12’ room with music, extremely good speaker for its size :smiley:


Very nice review also your blog! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the review! I wish someone would test the dual speaker pairing feature, as that’s my favorite feature from my UE Boom’s.

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Check my review, I did test the dual pairing


After over 72hrs of testing with the Amazon Dot, the Mini 2 appears to be fully compatible (no auto-power off) :smiley:

I’ve updated my review above and on my blog to reflect Dot compatibility. Great that @AnkerTechnical listens to previous feedback :smiley: :thumbsup:


I love my Soundcore mini 2 I bought one on Xmas Eve at a sale at Walmart well really wasn’t on sale I paid lil over 40 for it. But… It is a powerful n I mean powerful little speaker unit. I have many other Bluetooth speakers all bass heavy. I’m a bass head n if it don’t thump I don’t like it n don’t use it… so I was kinda weary on it at first cause of it’s size n single subwoofer n I didnt Kno if it had a bass radiator Because those do make or break a speaker… n I Kno that jam classic has a radiator n it slams… but this mini 2 absolutely slams it’s perfect actually it’s loud n crisp n sounds clear and it has bass actually bass thundering bass which is strange considering it’s size… It’s actually louder then a Sony SrS XB21… It’s got more bass then the Sony xb21 n it has two drivers n a large bass radiator in it… And I wanna get my hands on the Soundcore flarX I heard one of those and holy shit it slams n thumps and only 50 bucks… So my next speaker is either ankers motion Q or the FlarX… I would say mini but I done have the new mini which walks all over the original mini

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Pleased that you like the SoundCore Mini 2 :thumbsup:, still using mine almost daily - 9 months in and going well, its even been on holiday with me last June to Canaries :grin:

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