Soundcore making the rounds on specialized websites

Slowly but surely, Anker is marking its brand into the tech world. The announcement of the Soundcore brand got attention rather quickly, with notes and review popping out on some websites like Digital Trend.

The general opinion seems to be that the sound is great! We all know battery life will certainly be. :grin:

I was waiting eagerly to test out the Soundcore Vortex, until I learnt about the Space NC

Noise cancelling and touch controls in a beautiful package! If you live near a Brookstone, or on the US in general, you can get one already: There’s no listing on at the time of this writing. Unfortunately, for me, not even the Vortex is available in Canada yet… :cry:

But I’ll get one or the other as soon as I can. We have a couple of Vortex reviews in the Community already if you want to check them out: review by @pauldey, review by @kumar.sachin.

And if you are one of the lucky people already with a Space NC, please tell us your impressions! I happen to know a review for the Soundcore Spirit X is on the way :wink:. And if I ever get the Space NC, I’ll sure write about it here!


AAAHHH!!! I’ve been waiting for an ANKER ANC for so long. PLS give me one to test ε(´סּ︵סּ`)з

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Great that you gave an overview. I think that it is a good idea to integrate reviews like you did.


Give credit where credit’s due! :wink:

Excellent post @tiagomota (especially with the tagged reviews)…always good to see Anker getting good exposure…thanks for posting :thumbsup:


And the soundcore Website is online:


Wow, that Flare picture…


That’s cool, I need to update my soundcore mini 2 review. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing the link.


Did someone say Soundcore Flare? :sunglasses:


The Soundcore Flare is a gorgeous product, @elmo41683, no need to rub it off on our faces… :laughing:


Oh wow. This was exactly what I was waiting for. Awesome!

Did someone say Soundcore Flare? :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t wait to check it out next time I’m down at Brookstone. :slight_smile:

Hope that colour is due to lighting and not that you’ve been dyeing the mesh/casing :grin:

That would be the stupid laser focus on the camera I was testing out. I have used laser focus on cameras before and never have the changed the color f my photos, but this one did and I reported it back to them. I’m waiting on a fix so it doesn’t impede or change colors of my pictures.

ANC = leave me be in my magical world of music! I love my ANC headphones.

Cant wait to get hold of some of these new products myself :slight_smile: Great thread